8 Last Minute Bourbon Gifts


December 23, 2021

If you’re like me, there’s a chance you still need to get a gift for somebody. You can get these gifts in time or show proof of the purchase and be a rock star in the eyes of whoever receives the gift.

8. Blind Bourbon in Pittsburgh

I am taking my Blind Bourbon show to Pittsburgh. People come on stage, wear blind folds and learn how to taste like a pro, while VIPs sip on allocated goodies. Both ticket levels have access to the after party and hang. Happens January 20 at Jergels. Buy Tickets Here.

7. Cameo Booking

If you book me within 24 hours, I roast or toast you or your loved one before you have all your presents under the tree. Book me.

6. Rare Breed, Knob Creek or Old Forester 1920

It does not matter the level of the bourbon drinker, these three bourbons — Rare Breed, Knob Creek and Old Forester 1920 — will be welcomed gifts. Just walk into any liquor store and buy. Or order through Drizly for a quick delivery.

5. Bourbon Pursuit Barrel Club

I am one of three hosts on the popular podcast Bourbon Pursuit, where my “Above the Char” segment answers any and all questions from listeners. There are several membership tiers, many of which come with private barrel pick opportunities.

4. Fred Minnick Hot Sauce Collab with Kentuxican

Since I wrote this hot sauce story for Costco decade ago, I’ve been a huge hot sauce nerd. So, to get the opportunity to blend my own sauce is another level of awesome. Right now, they’re being sold as a gift pack with the standard Kentuxican sauce. But below are details on my blends. Check them out here.

The Fred Minnick Show Medium Blend:

Description: Kentuxican’s original recipe kicked up to Level Three with a bourbon hand-selected by Minnick. The sauce includes morita chile, 1.5x habaneros, 2.5x Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica. It is blended with three 100-proof bourbons and three cask strength bourbons that have previously been featured on The Fred Minnick Show.

Tasting notes: “The back palate lights up here, tingling throughout,” says Minnick. “The habanero quickly comes on strong with subtle hints of Carolina reapers. Then, the whiskey shows with front-of-palate sweetness. The gentle caress of the oak with the brightness of fruit and spice from the peppers is just astonishing.”

Fred Minnick Cartoon Hot Blend:

Description: A truly special edition with an extra kick perfectly paired with a special pick, single barrel bourbon. The Level Six sauce includes morita chile, 2.5x habaneros, 3.5x Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica. It is the hottest sauce that Kentuxican has ever produced and features a blend of twelve different spirits — six bourbons and six ryes.

Tasting notes: “The sweetness from the bourbon and the spice of rye are magical when added with the right peppers,” says Minnick. “You immediately taste the herbal notes and lingering sweetness from the whiskey, but with 3.5x Carolina reapers, it’s going to be hot. It lights up the palate like a Christmas tree and lingers for minutes later.”

3. Barrel Aged Coffee

Tommy Tardee, founder of the Flatiron Room and Fine & Rare in New York started The Morning Dram Coffee. It’s a barrel-aged coffee that hits the spot for bourbon lovers.

There are several new coffee lines out that are barrel aged. Two I highly recommend The Morning Dram and Stave & Bean. Both come from whiskey industry folk who sought bourbon flavors in their coffee.

2. Spirits Network Subscription

Spirits Network is an OTT channel completely dedicated to the craft of spirits. It features several of my friends, such as Clay Risen, Peggy Noe Stevens and Flavien Desoblin, as well as my shows. You can shop for your favorite drinks, while learning about them.

1. Donation to Western Kentucky Tornado Fund

If you’ve been following me lately, you know I, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, the Bourbon Crusaders and pretty much every distillery have went all-in on raising funds for the tornado victims of Western Kentucky. We successfully raised more than $3 million at the Kentucky Bourbon Benefit auction. But you can still make a donation on somebody’s behalf.