Kevin Hart Releases New Tequila Brand, Gran Coramino


May 2, 2022

Gran Coramino bottle

Entertainer Kevin Hart and 11th-generation tequila producer Juan Domingo Beckmann announce their new tequila brand, Gran Coramino.

The creation of Gran Coramino has been two years in the making, with Hart and Beckmann seeking to innovate within the category, and draw from their backgrounds as inspiration. The collaboration resulted in their first expression to launch – a Reposado Cristalino tequila.

The 100% agave tequila is first aged in eastern European oak barrels and finished in California Cabernet wine casks to reflect the state that Hart calls home. The liquid is then transformed into a Cristalino tequila – a slow-filtration process that Beckmann invented for the tequila industry more than 10 years ago – delivering a complex, deeply smooth flavor with a crystal-clear appearance.

“As someone who loves tequila, I’ve spent the past two years working with Juan Domingo to create a brand and product of the highest possible quality that is accessible to my fans,” Hart said in a news release. “Juan is an undisputed leader in the tequila industry and, like me, strives for excellence in everything he does. I wanted something different in the market, to tell a story that hadn’t been told before for my fans, for my culture, and a generation who has never tasted a Cristalino before.”

Gran Coramino owns every step of the tequila-making process from planting, selecting, and harvesting the blue Weber agaves from family-owned fields, to distilling and aging the tequila at La Rojeña Distillery in Tequila, Mexico, the oldest distillery in Latin America. The concept was created and developed by Kevin Hart, Global Brand Equities and Proximo Spirits.

Gran Coramino also will donate $1 from every bottle sold to support diverse entrepreneurs and small businesses, working with trusted partners in Mexico and the United States to help close wealth and opportunity gaps through cash grants and programs.

Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino will be available from starting May 2 on, ReserveBar and at retail locations across CA, IL, TX, GA and NY. It will be available nationwide starting June 1s for a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information, please visit