Otherland Society Releases Eaves-Blended WIld Hare Dark Rum


June 16, 2022

Otherland Society Wild Hare Dark Rum

New premium spirits brand Otherland Society celebrates Florida’s natural resources and culinary and beverage culture with the debut of Wild Hare Dark Rum crafted by legendary Master Distiller Marianne Eaves. Otherland Society’s inaugural sugarcane artisan spirit premiered at the Michelin Guide revelation event in Orlando, where Florida’s first Michelin Stars were awarded for excellence in culinary achievement.

“Otherland Society was created to honor our agrarian heritage in South Florida and help uplift the local economy of the Everglades,” the brand’s co-founder Donia Roberts, whose family has farmed the uniquely fertile area of South Florida on the shores of Lake Okeechobee for three generations, said in a news release. “Like Michelin, we share a strong commitment to protecting and preserving the gifts of the land and recognizing the people who make this region so special. It’s an honor for Otherland Society to serve as the preferred rum partner for the first Michelin Guide in Florida.”

The team behind female-owned Otherland Society enlisted Eaves, Kentucky’s first female Master Distiller, to design Wild Hare Dark Rum. The new high-end, hand-crafted sipping spirit captures the essence of the beautiful yet unrelenting land of the Everglades.

Wild Hare Dark Rum is a marriage of 8-year-old South American, and 10-year-old Caribbean rums aged in Ex-American White Oak Whiskey Casks.

Strengthening an Underserved Community

Roberts and her investment partners will soon begin work to build a distillery and bottling distribution facility in the Pahokee, Florida, area using local talent and product and providing a catalyst for job creation. An intermediate to long-term vision for the Otherland Society brand is to stimulate redevelopment and revitalize the downtown business district of Pahokee.

“Our vision for Otherland Society is to reinvest in the community, celebrate our heritage, protect our natural resources and provide a new source of income for the people who call this area home,” said Roberts. “Launching Wild Hare Dark Rum is the first step in elevating these opportunities for business and development.”

Otherland Society Wild Hare Dark Rum, a premium spirit, is priced at $70 and is available at select retailers throughout the state of Florida and online at https://www.otherlandsociety.com/.