Former NFL Player Malcolm Jenkins Invests in Distillery


June 21, 2022

Malcolm Jenkins

Millstone Spirits Group, the ownership arm of New Liberty Distillery, as well as other well known brands, announced former Philadelphia Eagle and noted philanthropist, Malcolm Jenkins, as a Board Member and Investor along with his holding company, Malcolm Inc.

This addition arrives on the heels of the $1.4 million acquisition of Faber Distilling and assets, as well as the craft spirits group amassing an impressive 12 medals at the ADI2022 International Spirits Competition. 

Under the helm of Master Distiller Robert Cassell, New Liberty Distillery has developed a deserved reputation for unique and authentic craft spirits. With two-time world champion and venture capitalist Jenkins joining the ranks, the duo has plans to develop and distill a bourbon aimed at highlighting the disparity and lack of diversity plaguing the craft spirits industry by sourcing barley, wheat, rye, and corn exclusively from Black and Brown farmers.

“This venture was a natural fit for me and Malcolm Inc, as our companies are focused on creating equitable opportunities for Black and Brown entrepreneurs as well as storytelling. As the first spirit group to source from black and brown farmers and vendors from grain to glass, we will be creating a delicious scratch-bourbon that will help make serious systemic changes. To be an owner of a spirit that I’ve come to love makes it even more special,” said Jenkins in a news release.

A farmer selling grains direct to a whiskey distillery makes far more profit than selling those grains in bulk to an aggregator, resulting in a much larger profit margin for the farmer, and freedom from commodity pricing. Cassell and Jenkins are currently seeking out minority-owned farms that produce chemical free, non-GMO grains to partner with for letters of intent committing to purchasing current and future crops, providing a viable resource for revenue in the coming years.

“Until we started this process, I honestly had no idea how challenging it would be to source yellow dent corn from a Black or Brown farmer — anywhere in the United States,” said Cassell. “Almost every other celebrity brand fakes it, they merely white label a spirit and are paper champions. This whiskey, however, will exemplify Malcom’s altruism through genuine, real, and impactful social change that is long overdue for our industry. In short: we look forward to creating fanciful block chain whiskey, with a social purpose.”

Farmers interested in getting involved are encouraged to reach out to [email protected]. For more information, visit