Catoctin Creek, GWAR Team Up for New Whiskey Release


June 24, 2022

Ragnarök Rye bottle

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. and heavy metal rock band legends GWAR are back for the second annual release of their infamous Ragnarök Rye, and they’re having plenty of fun with the marketing.

“Mayhem! Panic! Chaos! Gore!” is how a news release about the new whiskey read. “GWAR has returned from their intergalactic journey and they’re thirsty! Aliens are back in the distillery, and all hell has broken loose!”

The Virginia natives teamed up to release the first collaboration in May 2021 and are launching 1,000 more cases “from the orbit of the moon.”

“That is,” Catoctin Creek continues, “if GWAR doesn’t drink it all this time.”

The intergalactic visitors returned to Catoctin Creek, per the announcement, demanding even more of the tasty Ragnarök Rye whisky. Under threats of violence, the distillery team cranked out another batch. 

“We really thought we had seen the last of these guys, but they came back,” said Scott Harris, founder and general manager of Catoctin Creek. “You know how people tell you to never feed a stray cat? Yeah, that goes double for space monsters. We never should have given them that whisky. Now, we’ll never be rid of them!” 

Rated 93 points by Wine Enthusiast magazine, Catoctin Creek Ragnarök Rye is a 92-proof rye whisky that is pot stilled, then aged in charred new white oak, sugar maple and cherrywood. This year’s bottle includes new and improved collectable metal die cast toppers representing all five band members: Blóthar the Berserker; Balsac the Jaws of Death; Jizmak da Gusha; Beefcake the Mighty; and Pustulus Maximus.  

Up to 100 five-packs of Ragnarök Rye featuring a bottle topper of each GWAR band member will be available to order through Catoctin Creek’s national ordering site, Each purchase includes a chance to win a guitar signed by the band, a signed barrel head, or GWAR tickets for life. 

The bottle’s new commemorative whisky label also matches the artwork from GWAR’s new album, “The New Dark Ages,” which was released digitally in June and will be available as a CD on July 15, and vinyl and cassette on Sept. 16 via the band’s label, Pit Records. 

“Here at GWAR headquarters, we can’t get enough of this Catoctin Creek booze,” said Blóthar the Berserker of GWAR said in the news release. “So much so, we have decided to take up residence at Purcellville, Virginia! I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce is delighted. So, make sure you stock up on what is left of this batch of boozy delight before we manage to drink down all 1,000 cases. Also, while you swig, check out all the cool new Ragnarök Rye swag you can buy! Consume humans! It is your sole purpose in life!”  

Up to 700 cases of Ragnarök Rye (92 proof/46% ABV) $99/750mL will be available throughout Catoctin Creek’s national distribution footprint beginning Monday, June 27; 300 cases will be on sale in the distillery’s online store for curbside pickup or direct shipping in Virginia only, limited to three bottles per customer. Pre-sale orders can be purchased through Catoctin Creek Rye Society members may contact the distillery to obtain a bottle any time before the release date.

The presser concludes, “The monster metal band has parked their bat-shaped helicopter in the parking lot and have taken the distillery tour at least a thousand times – it’s true ‘love’. Once the juice is ready, GWAR will hurl it into orbit around the sun to char the new white oak barrels. The band members have personally signed the barrel heads and are now anxious to bring this intergalactic nectar of the Gods back to earth to guzzle it by the gallon.”

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