West Indies Rum Distillery to Release Plantation Collection


July 1, 2022

West Indies Rum Distillery Plantation square

West Indies Rum Distillery announced the fifth edition of its highly-anticipated Plantation Extrême Collection.

For the new edition of the series, the destination is Barbados, with three rare and limited edition vintages. Journey back in time with these carefully selected expressions: Barbados 2007, Barbados 2000 and Barbados 1986 – the latter being an important year for Plantation Rum as the first bottling of the brand was also a Barbados 1986. This Caribbean island, known as the cradle of rum, has been producing the cane spirit since 1650.

Plantation Extrême Collection n˚5 was designed to epitomize the iconic terroir of Barbados, the tradition of the West Indies Rum Distillery and the effects of Plantation’s signature double-ageing process. Available in select markets beginning August 2022, Extrême Collection n˚5 has a suggested retail price of: Barbados 2007, $200.00 (58% ABV); Barbados 2000, $300.00 (47.8% ABV), and Barbados 1986, $1,500.00 (55.1% ABV) for a 750ml bottle.

In 1893, George Stade founded the distillery and had great ambitions for Barbados rum. His dream? To create a distillery capable of producing the best rum in the world. Today, the distillery’s team draws on more than a 125-year heritage and an unparalleled collection of old stills. As the leading producer of Barbados rums, West Indies produces spirits in historic pot and column stills

Distiller Henderson “Digger” Skinner has been with the distillery for over 40 years; Master Distiller Don Benn is dedicated to Barbados’ rum heritage, as well as reducing WIRD’s carbon footprint, and Andrew Hassell, Managing Director and rum historian, safeguards the historical archives carefully.

Meanwhile, Alexandre Gabriel, owner and Master Blender of Plantation Rum and West Indies Rum Distillery, draws inspiration from the historical archives of the distillery, in addition to archives from around the world. One such finding was the ancestral technique of double ageing, dating back to the 18th century, and today, it is the trademark of Plantation Rum.

The historical practice of transporting rum in its original barrels plays a key role in ageing Plantation Rums, as the rum is further aged in its casks with the movement of the ocean. During the 30 to 40 days spent at sea, the barrels are exposed to extreme conditions. The dynamic ageing process results in a more intense rum and increased concentration.

*The n°1 bottles of Barbados 2007, 2000 and 1986 will be offered at auction online, as an ultra-exclusive lot through Rum Auctioneer’s July auction, held July 1-11, 2022. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to support Barbados Community College’s Fine Arts program. This initiative, in collaboration with Alex Mars, is intended to promote arts and culture in Barbados. Rum Auctioneer has gladly agreed to help with this initiative by waiving their commission.