Producer Mezcal Releases On-Premise-Only The Espadin


July 12, 2022

The Espadin bottle

Producer Mezcal, the artisanal mezcal brand from Oaxaca, announced the launch of a special edition mezcal, The Espadin, available exclusively to on-premise accounts. It will be available for order in select U.S. states (California, Nevada, and Texas) beginning this month.  

Hailing from Ejutla, la Noria Sec. 13, Producer Mezcal seeks to present mezcals that speak to patience, passion, and appreciation for heritage and craftsmanship. To honor its native Oaxaca, the Espadin label is detailed by cutouts on each side that represent the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca mountain range.

To make the mezcal, the Espadin (agave angustifolia) is grown, harvested, crushed, fermented, and distilled entirely in Ejutla, La Noria Sec. 13 by Maestro Mezcalero, Juan Pacheco Santos. After harvesting plants averaging 7 years in age, split agave hearts are roasted for 60 hours in a traditional horno (earthen oven) using huamuchil wood.

After resting for a brief period, the agave is crushed using a traditional bull-pulled stone tahona wheel, then goes on to ferment for 8-10 days in cypress wood (sabino or ahuehuete). Once the fermentation process is complete, the liquid is distilled using a refrescador, a distillation method which allows for two distillations during a single pass through the still.

“We are excited to share this new mezcal expression with our bar and restaurant communities,” says Ryan Van Splinter, Vice President of Marketing of Producer Mezcal. “Bartenders and mixologists are the creative force behind the many innovative mezcal cocktails we have witnessed emerging in the market, and we’re happy to further support the creative expression of the community with this new bar-friendly bottle format.” 

The Espadin (44% ABV) is made in batches of approximately 5,000 bottles each. For more information, visit