Beam Suntory/Twisted Tea Announce Limited Whiskey Release


August 5, 2022

Twisted Tea Whiskey square

Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea announced the limited release of Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey through its partnership with Beam Suntory. Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey will launch across five markets, including MA, RI, OH, MO and TX, plus military outlets.

Twisted Tea Whiskey is made with real brewed tea and inspired by the brand’s flagship product, Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea Original flavor. The new Sweet Tea Whiskey has the classic sweet tea taste balanced with real whiskey. It’s drinkable on its own or as an addition to a cocktail and is available in 50mL, 750mL and 1L bottles. The Sweet Tea Whiskey has an ABV of 32.5% ABV / 65 proof.

In July 2021, the Boston Beer Company and Beam Suntory announced a long-term, strategic partnership to extend select iconic brands into some of the fastest-growing alcohol beverage segments. Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey is an example of results of the collaboration. Both Beam Suntory and Boston Beer Company are continuing to build on the partnership to expand across more key products and brands in the future.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Boston Beer Company and to bring Twisted Tea into the whiskey space,” said Stephanie Kang, Senior Director, Strategic Ventures.

As part of the partnership, Boston Beer Company – which will handle national marketing & advertising, public relations and social media promotion for Twisted Tea Whiskey – is leveraging Beam Suntory’s expertise in distillation, distribution, sales and trade & local marketing for this new product.

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