Jefferson’s OCEAN Voyage 29 Wheated Now Available


August 16, 2022

Jefferson's OCEAN Wheated Voyage 29 bottle shot.png

Jefferson’s announced the release of OCEAN Aged at Sea Voyage 29 Wheated, the third wheated bourbon and newest expression in the Jefferson’s OCEAN: Aged at Sea collection

The vessel carrying casks of Jefferson’s OCEAN Wheated Voyage 29 was first docked in the Port of Savannah, right in the channel that funnels directly into the Atlantic Ocean, according to a news release. The ship avoided a tropical storm southeast of Bermuda that gently agitated cargo before heading through the Panama Canal. From there, the casks rounded Australia and traveled into the Indian Ocean. 

As the ship traveled north to Singapore, high wind and rough seas moderated below the equator, giving way to long passages of open ocean and frequent stops in China, Korea, and Japan.

Even with rough seas and tropical storms, the barrels of wheated bourbon aboard the ship rested quietly in the relatively calm coastal waters before heading out into the north Pacific and crossing to the west coast of America where air temperatures dropped to the mid 50s, the lowest it got the entire trip.

Jefferson’s OCEAN is created on the concept that the constant agitation means more wood-to-bourbon ratio resulting in more flavor as the barrel acts as a filter leaving less bitterness and acidity in the alcohol.  Also, the changing climate impacts each expression in the OCEAN whiskey family differently – in this case the extreme heat caramelizes the sugars in the wood while the salty air permeates the barrel while in the open ocean crossing the equator. With these differences always comes impressive results – a hyper-aged, darker, richer and caramelized bourbon with incredible depth and complexity.

Voyage 29 Wheated was bottled at 90 proof and carries an SRP of $79.99.