Ferrand Cognac Releases ‘The Collection’


September 1, 2022

Ferrand Cognac Collection-1

Owner Maison Ferrand and Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel announced the release of Ferrand Cognac The Collection, a discovery set containing four100ml bottles of cognac: 1840 Original Formula, Ambré, 10 Générations and Double Cask Reserve, the four most popular cognacs in the portfolio.

More than just a sampling of some of Ferrand Cognac’s unique and surprising creations, The Collection is a crash course in appreciating cognac. Each box contains a QR code that launches a multi-episode digital master class, guided by Alexandre Gabriel himself.

In the first episode, Alexandre focuses on the history and philosophy behind the brand and a look at ten generations of the venerable Ferrand family and their 19th century family manor. The second episode discusses Cognac production from A to Z, while the third and final episode provides a guided tasting of the four Ferrand Cognacs found in The Collection box.

Each cognac featured in The Collection reflects the diversity and originality that define Ferrand Cognac.


(45% ABV, 90 proof)

Inspired by the cognacs used by inventive bartenders like the legendary Jerry Thomas during the 19th century, the Golden Age of cocktails. Created in collaboration with Alexandre’s friend, cocktail historian David Wondrich, 1840 Original Formula revives the type of higher proof, lively cognac that formed the foundation of most cocktails in the pre-phylloxera era, like the classic Mint Julep.


(40.2% ABV, 80.4 proof)

Before the phylloxera plague that devastated France’s vineyards in the 1860s, the Colombard grape was often used for making cognac. Ambré revisits this flavorful, though fragile, varietal that grew in the vineyards of Cognac for centuries before being replaced by the sturdier Ugni Blanc. Colombard’s scarcity and delicate fruit and floral aromas make Ambré a rare opportunity to explore Premier Cru cognacs from a different angle.


(46% ABV, 92 proof)

A tribute to the legacy of 10 generations of the Ferrand family, winegrowers, and cognac makers in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac since the 1650s. Elie Ferrand VIII, in particular, made his mark with visionary experiments in ageing, and inspired Alexandre Gabriel to rekindle forgotten techniques like maturing cognac in wine barrels. A bridge between past and present, 10 Générations is partially aged in ex-Sauternes casks that lend memorable roundness to this unusually nuanced cognac.


(42.3% ABV, 84.6 proof)

The art of double ageing has become Ferrand Cognac’s signature and Alexandre sheds light on this phenomenon, unusual to fine cognacs. This expression was the first to explore the benefits of the time-honored, but lapsed technique of ageing cognacs first in French oak barrels and then in other casks that previously stored wines with complementary flavor profiles. Double Cask Réserve is treated to a second maturation in ex-Banyuls barrels, a sweet fortified French wine, to enhance its luscious rancio notes.

Ferrand Cognac The Collection is available in select U.S. markets for a suggested retail price of $59.99 for four 100ml bottles. For more information, visit www.ferrandcognac.com.