Castle & Key Announces Annual Harvest Gin Release


September 22, 2022

Castle & Key Harvest Gin 2022

Castle & Key Distillery announced the release of its annual Harvest Seasonal Gin the sixth seasonal gin release from Castle & Key since the distillery’s restoration.

Harvest Gin features flavors of pine, berries, and sweet spices to pair with the autumn season. The distillery also announced it will now offer a consistent recipe of seasonal gins year-to-year, both Harvest (released each fall season) and Rise (released each spring season).

This past summer, Castle & Key introduced The Woolgatherer (which means “daydreamer”) series by releasing the first installment of the series, which consisted of their Spring 2020 Gin finished in a Rhum Agricole barrel. The Woolgatherer series will be released seasonally at the distillery and will only be available for purchase on site.

Gin Still Operator Henry Bradley created Harvest Gin using the same mashbill and production methods as Castle & Key’s rye whiskey up to the barreling stage, after which it is redistilled into vodka instead of going back into barrel. Using both vapor infusion and steeping for the first time with a gin, the Castle & Key team steeps sumac in the rye base during the vodka distillation.

The sumac-steeped vodka is then redistilled once more to allow the alcohol vapor to pass through the gin baskets, infusing the vapor with the essential oils and other flavor compounds contained in the remaining botanicals. The vapor is then condensed back into a liquid, resulting in Castle & Key’s Harvest Seasonal Gin. Castle & Key bottled 2,242 cases of Harvest Seasonal Gin.

The mashbill consisted of 17% Yellow Corn, 63% Rye and 20% Malted Barley, with botanicals used being Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Star Anise, Cedar Leaf, Sumac, Fennel and Bay Leaf. Harvest Gin was bottled at 51% ABV and has a $39.99 SRP.

Beginning this month, Castle & Key’s Harvest Gin, with label design by Stranger & Stranger, will be available for purchase in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin, as well as online for shipping to Arkansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Washington DC.

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