Booker’s Bourbon 2022-03 Kentucky Tea Batch Now Available


November 2, 2022

Booker's Kentucky Tea Batch 2022-03 best available bourbon

Booker’s Bourbon announced the nationwide release of Booker’s Kentucky Tea Batch, the third release of the series in 2022.

The new batch is named after Booker Noe’s signature drink, which he called Kentucky Tea, according to a news release. Some people flavor their water with tea leaves, but Booker loved adding flavor using his namesake bourbon. He would add one part Booker’s Bourbon and four parts water to sip with dinner, typically a country ham or fish – he said you needed to sip the right proportion of Kentucky Tea to truly appreciate the food. 

One night, when a reporter was at Booker’s house for supper, the reporter asked why he drank Kentucky Tea. Booker shared that there was no reason to flavor his water with tea leaves when he could flavor his water with bourbon. It was that simple – Kentucky Tea was his drink. He would talk about how the flavor notes of the Kentucky Tea was a perfect complement to the food.

Like all batches of Booker’s Bourbon, Booker’s Kentucky Tea Batch was selected by Seventh Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe. Bottled at uncut and unfiltered 126.5 proof, it was aged 7 years, 4 months, and 14 days.

Booker Noe first created Booker’s Bourbon as a Christmas gift for close friends and family. Booker took barrels found in the center-cut of the rack house and bottled the bourbon straight-from-the-barrel. Each batch of the 2022 collection will be released in limited quantities featuring a unique label and batch name honoring Noe.

Booker’s Kentucky Tea Batch is now available nationwide in limited quantities with a Suggested Retail Price of $89.99 for a 750 mL bottle.

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