Starward Whiskey Celebrates 15 Years with Release of Vitalis


November 3, 2022

Starward Whiskey Vitalis bottle

Starward Whisky is celebrating its 15th anniversary with its most premium single malt whisky expression to date: a special commemorative called Vitalis, available in limited quantities in the U.S.

Starward revolutionized the art of whisky-making in Australia as the first brand to age its spirits exclusively in red wine barrels. This unique method of flavor development –led primarily by brewers and winemakers – brought to life the modern, approachable and food friendly whisky that Starward is known for.

Further cementing its position in the category, Starward is currently the number one brand in the Australian whisky segment driving over 50% of the Australian whisky segment growth in the last 12 months. Australian whisky itself is the fastest growing segment of the total whisky category in Australia in the last 12 months.

The commemorative release of Vitalis represents a reflection of Starward’s growth to date and how the brand will look forward to new horizons. Named after the brand’s founder, David Vitale and his familial name (which translates to ‘life’ in Latin), Vitalis marks 15 years since David’s endeavor to pour his life savings into starting a Melbourne distillery.

To create Vitalis, Starward hand-selected parcels from six different types of barrels. Parcels from Tawny barrels, Rum barrels, Bourbon barrels and Apera barrels were all specifically chosen and carefully blended to create a multifaceted yet balanced, fruit forward spirit. The eldest of these barrels were filled in 2011 and the youngest in 2018, showcasing the depth of cask selection and maturation from Essendon Fields and Port Melbourne.

Like its sister whiskies in the Starward portfolio, Vitalis enjoys the benefit of Melbourne’s highly-reactive climate, which essentially condenses aging into fewer years in a process known as elemental maturation.

“Fifteen years ago, when I decided to have a go at creating an approachable whisky for all, I could only have hoped that it would take Starward on this trajectory,” said Vitale in a news release.

Vitalis joins the award-winning line-up of exceptional Starward offerings, which includes Two-Fold, a deliciously versatile combination of malt whisky and wheat whisky, Nova, a smooth, mature single malt that stands up both neat and in classic cocktails, and Solera, Starward’s original love letter to Melbourne that marries tradition with innovation in one exquisite spirit.

For spirits lovers looking to get their hands on a bottle of this collectible whisky, select bottles of Vitalis are available for preorder at a suggested retail price of $150.00 (700ml, 52% ABV).