FUJI Whiskey Releases 30-Year Single Grain Whiskey


November 3, 2022

Fuji Whisky Single Grain

FUJI Whisky announced the U.S. release of its 30-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey, with limited bottles available in the U.S.

A rare whiskey, this 30-Year-Old release represents Japanese craftsmanship from the Mt. Fuji Distillery, located just 7.5 miles off the base the most iconic landmark in Japan, for which it is named. Only 100 bottles of the whiskey will be available in the U.S in 2022.

A blend of multiple maturates of Canadian style grain whiskies, the FUJI 30-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey includes distillates aged more than 30 years, including some aged up to 40 years. Distilled by the batch distillation method “kettle & column” and then rested in used American White Oak Barrels, each barrel was meticulously hand selected by Master Blender Jota Tanaka to create a rich, luscious, and beautifully balanced style whiskey with complexity.

Recently, Tanaka was inducted into the World Whisky Awards Hall of Fame and is only the second Master Blender in Mt. Fuji Distillery’s 48-year history.

FUJI Whisky made its U.S. debut last year with the release of FUJI Single Grain Whiskey (SRP $94.99) in partnership with Distinguished Vineyards & Wine Partners. The FUJI Single Grain Whiskey is a blend of three different grain whiskeys, each distilled in three different methods, each possessing its own unique flavor profile, resulting in a delicately fruity whiskey that is both mellow and multi-layered in profile.

Mt. Fuji Distillery was established in 1973 to bring the best of Japanese craftsmanship to life while employing Scottish, American, and Canadian whisk(e)y making methods under a single roof, an amalgamation that celebrates whisky’s worldwide heritage. FUJI Whisky is the only whisky in Japan to use the Mt. Fuji’s snowmelt in its production. The snowmelt’s 50-year journey from Mt. Fuji’s peak to the depths of an underground aquifer to the distillery results in a uniquely clear, pristine, and soft water that is the foundation for FUJI’s distinctive whisky expressions.

The FUJI 30-Year-Old Whiskey is bottled at 92 proof and is available in available in California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, and Florida at an SRP of $2,999.99/700ml bottle.

For more details about FUJI Whisky please visit https://fujiwhisky.com.