Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection Out Dec. 1


November 29, 2022

Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection 2022 bottles

Blue Run Spirits announced the final whiskey release of the year – actually 12 releases – with the Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection. The second-annual Blue Run “12 Days of Bourbon” features a dozen single barrel, barrel proof high rye bourbons available one bottling per day starting Thursday, Dec. 1 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern only at

Each high rye bourbon barrel featured in the Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection comes from the award-winning batch that was contract distilled by Blue Run Liquid Advisor Jim Rutledge at Castle & Key. Aged in the darkest recesses of the northmost rick houses, they were then hand selected by Blue Run Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon with a keen focus on unique flavor profile, depth and the complexity of warm, sweet flavors that pair well with the winter season. Looking to maintain as much of that rich flavor possible, each bottling comes offered at full barrel proof (from 117.2 to 129 proof).

Colorful versions of Blue Run’s signature butterfly medallion, designed by Devon McKinney, adorn the bottles and are meant to evoke the aurora borealis or northern lights, the arctic’s dazzling winter light show. This display of nature’s artistry is subtly echoed on the side of the luxurious, velvet-lined midnight black gift box that comes with every purchase, making it perfect for holiday gift giving.

Each bottling in the Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection is $179.99. The complete collection is also available for $2,999.99.

The bourbons in the Blue Run Winter Solstice Collection include:

Dec. 1 – Meteor

Proof: 122      

Dec. 2 – Light Year

Proof: 123.9   

Dec. 3 Lunar

Proof 117.2    

Dec. 4 – Solar

Proof: 119.1   

Dec. 5Infinity

Proof: 118.7   

Dec. 6 Interstellar

Proof: 118.6   

Dec. 7 Supernova

Proof: 129      

Dec. 8 – North Star

Proof: 118.7   

Dec. 9Gravity

Proof: 118.9   

Dec. 10Constellation

Proof: 121      

Dec. 11Black Hole

Proof: 124.2   

Dec. 12 Cosmic

Proof: 122.9   

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