Casa Maestri Acquires Santera Tequila


January 4, 2023

Santera Tequila bottles

Destiladora del Valle de Tequila, also known as Casa Maestri, one of the largest tequila producers in Mexico, announced that it has acquired Santera Tequila, a 100% pure blue weber agave Tequila line. The acquisition will expand Casa Maestri’s portfolio of premium Tequila brands.

Santera Tequila, first launched in 2015, is available in Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo. All are 100% pure blue weber agave Tequila from Tequila Jalisco. Santera’s master distiller, Augustin Sanchez, practices distillation methods that date back centuries to achieve authenticity. Each agave pina undergoes a long, slow roasting period and extended fermentation, which gives Santera Tequila its distinct character. Following distillation, Augustin balances the aromas and taste profile throughout the duration of the rest period to ensure the highest quality product.

With this acquisition, Casa Maestri continues to expand its portfolio of premium Tequila brands, one of the fastest-growing spirits segments. Casa Maestri sells more than 25 distillery-owned brands through major importers, wholesalers, and chain stores across the U.S. as well as in more than 35 countries.

Jose Coira, VP of Sales for Casa Maestri, is enthusiastic about expanding the company’s portfolio at a time of fast growth for the industry.

“It’s a truly exciting time for Tequila distilleries,” he said in a news release. “Tequila growth is unprecedented, almost outpacing Vodka sales growth in some areas of the U.S. Consumers are recognizing the distinction and nuances between Tequilas and the desire for high-end taste and quality is driving sales like never before. Adding brands like Santera, which offer a unique taste, enables us to offer a variety of options to our customers.”

For Santera, the acquisition means broader distribution opportunities through a respected distillery.

“We’re thrilled to hand over Santera to the Casa Maestri family,” Carol Van Wijnen of Santera said. “When we began to consider new owners, we knew it had to be a company we trusted that would maintain the integrity of our product while ensuring the brand would be available to more Tequila enthusiasts. Who better than the distillery that has always made this great Tequila.”

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