Desolas Mezcal Inks Distribution Deal in Georgia


January 6, 2023

Desolas Mezcal bottle

Desolas Mezcal, produced from 100 percent Salmiana Agave, has inked a distribution deal with Savannah Distributing Company Inc. effective immediately for Georgia.

“As a locally owned, family-operated distributor, Savannah Distributing is the perfect partner for Desolas and our expansion in Georgia,” Founder and CEO of Desolas Mezcal, GG Mirvis, said in a news release. “They truly understand our brand and goals, and how to navigate the dynamic beverage industry.”

Unlike most mezcal brands which are made from espadin that grows in Oaxaca, Mexico, Desolas is delicately handcrafted from the Salmiana Agave in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, creating a distinct mezcal and flavor profile with low smoke and botanical and fresh aroma.

Salmiana Agave, known as the “Green Giant” due to the plant’s size, has a low yield of liquid as compared to its enormous size. The Piñas are cooked in above ground ovens known as “hornos” instead of an underground pit. For these reasons, careful artistry is needed to produce mezcal from this unique agave species. Desolas’ master Mescalero descends from a long line of mezcaleros that expands more than a century.

Launched in 2020, the female-founded Desolas brand is inspired by traditional time-honored techniques of mezcal production, the artisanal process of crafting the agave spirit, the natural elements of the sun and the land, and a focus on the deliberate journey of creation and discovery. The premium spirit boasts a smooth and balanced flavor with notes of citrus, black pepper and an elegant finish of vanilla.

Desolas is currently available online for nationwide shipping and can be found at select retailers throughout New York, Florida, Georgia, Texas and California.

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