Kentucky ABC Seizes Bourbon From Justins’ House of Bourbon


January 18, 2023

UPDATED: JAN. 20, 11:51 AM

The Kentucky ABC seized undisclosed amounts of bourbon from the popular liquor outlet Justins’ House of Bourbon, according to state officials.

A state official said the Kentucky ABC received complaints alleging several violations associated with Justins’ House of Bourbon for the improper acquisition, possession, transport, and sale of bourbon, including Vintage Distilled Spirits

Social media reports first surfaced Tuesday that the ATF and Kentucky ABC raided Justins’ premises. But an ATF spokesperson from the Louisville bureau told me that the federal agency was neither involved nor aware of an investigation of the Kentucky locations.

Unless it involved threats of a violent nature, the federal agency that would most likely investigate a liquor-related matter is the TTB, whom told me that it does not comment on potential or ongoing investigations. However, TTB spokesperson Tom Hogue said that the TTB does not permit retailers, but does license wholesalers. If a retailer acted like a wholesaler, the TTB would want them to have a wholesaler license, he said.

At Justins’ House of Bourbon, a Kentucky official said numerous bottles of bourbon and other items of evidence were seized associated with suspected improper purchasing and sale of these products. 

“Under KRS 241.090, Kentucky ABC may inspect any premises where alcoholic beverages are manufactured, sold, stored, or otherwise trafficked in, without first obtaining a search warrant and may confiscate any contraband property,” wrote Kristin Voskuhl, the executive director of communications and public outreach of the Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet, which includes the ABC. “We routinely conduct inspections of our licensees to ensure their compliance with all statutes and regulations governing the alcohol industry.”

She said alcohol licenses issued to both the Louisville and Lexington locations of Justins’ House of Bourbon remain active.

I will update with details as I receive them.

Note: I recently filmed a video at Justins’ House of Bourbon Lexington.