Santaleza Tequila Enters Market with Two Expressions


February 2, 2023

Santaleza Tequila Blanco-No-Jacket-Required-cocktail--18

Santaleza Tequila announced the release of its first two expressions, Santaleza Blanco and Santaleza Reposado.

The tequila is made from 100 percent, fully matured Blue Weber agave and produced without additives or diffusers. Santaleza Tequila will be sold in the United States, with the initial release available in New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, Washington and California. The tequilas have a suggested retail price of $59.99 for the Blanco and $69.99 for the Reposado.

Santaleza Tequila partnered with one of the oldest tequila families in Mexico, the Lopez-Villareal family, of San Matias, to create these products. The ancestral distillation process blends a 135-year-old tahona passed down in the family with an innovative mechanical donkey named Pepe, the masonry roasted agave is crushed by the tahona and then moved to local Roble wood vats filled with mountain spring water straight from the distillery’s grounds and left to ferment in an all-natural open-air process.

The spirit is twice distilled in copper stills and left to rest until the flavor reaches perfection. The rested spirit is then hand bottled or added to ex-bourbon barrels, which will mature for a minimum of four months.

The entire process, from harvest to bottling, is done in the Jalisco Highlands, which serves as the perfect base for all the tequila expressions. The Highlands is known for its optimal climate conditions and rich, red soil, full of minerals that provide ample nutrients to the agave.

Both expressions are bottled at 40% ABV. Blanco is unaged, while the Reposado is finished for four months in oak bourbon barrels.

Additional aged expressions are scheduled to launch in 2023, in time for National Tequila Day (Anejo/July) and Mexican Independence Day (Extra Anejo/September). The brand plans to expand its portfolio to include unique agave Destilados from all over Mexico, of all ages and species of maguey.

While the endeavor marks Chopin Imports’ first venture in the tequila sector family name, is known as one of the most established in the tequila industry. The name Santaleza means “a place of sanctuary.”

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