Finished Whiskey Review: Penelope Rose Cask Batch 5


February 3, 2023

Penelope Cooper Series Rose Cask Finish 94 Proof, Batch 5, $80

About: Blend of three MGP mash bills: 45% wheat bourbon – 4YO, 99% corn bourbon- 5YO; and 21% rye bourbon – 5YO

Tasting notes: Remember coming home from school as a kid and getting a fruit roll up? This first taste and smell takes me back to those moments as a kid. Then, a blast of cinnamon, caramel, pepper and buttered Texas toast. This isn’t a perfect whiskey, but all the notes hit just about as good as they can.  Finishes on the shorter side of a long finish, but long nonetheless with a lovely hint of cinnamon.

Score: 90

All samples tasted blind 3 times on 3 different days.

PointsGrade Equivalent Meaning / Sport Comparisons 
100Perfect.This spirit cannot be improved. If a sport, this would be the GOAT.
97-99A+Greatness in a bottle. Sport = Hall of Fame.
93-96ATop tier. Sport = Pro Bowl / All Star.
90-92A-Cut above the rest. Sport = Everyday starter with flashes of brilliance.
87-89B+Very good. Sport = Starter.
83-86BGood. Sport = Can become dependable starter.
80-82B-Solid. Sport = Consistent contributor.
77-79C+Works in a pinch. Sport = talented, but coach wants more. 
73-76CGreat for cocktails. Sport = Rotating player for starters to rest.
70-72C-Drinkable. Sport = Special teams / 4th middle reliever / pinch hitter called up from minors.
67-69D+Somebody will like it. Sport = Had a cup of coffee in the bigs, but doesn’t fit your system. 
63-66DStruggling to say something positive. Sport = Got an opportunity for tryouts, but didn’t make the team.
60-62D-Hope this isn’t the best they got. Sport = Met with a scout, but didn’t get invited to tryouts. 
40-59FNot drinkable. Sport = Mustard-stained T-shirt guy who never played, but annoyingly thinks they knows everything. 
Below 40F-Possibly poison. Sport = The drunk person at a game who won’t shut up and later picks a fight, but falls over the seat and pees himself.