Cenote Ahumado Tequila Hits Shelves


February 20, 2023

Cenote Ahumado Tequila bottle square

Cenote Tequila announced the release of Cenote Ahumado Tequila, a small-batch tequila that revives historic methods used by original tequileros of roasting agave pinas over a woodfire.

The resulting Ahumado 100% Blue Weber Agave reposado combines the best tequila methods with a mezcal-inspired roasting method that presents a unique smokey flavor profile.

This 100% blue weber agave spirit is roasted under the supervision member of the Board of Directors of Mujeres del Mezcal y Maguey de Mexico, Eleana Nunez, before Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes, the innovator at the state-of-the-art Finos Distillery, employs modern fermentation and distilling with careful quality control to yield a tequila worthy of the Cenote name. “With blueprints from ancient mezcal pit ovens, we leveraged insight from generational mezcal producers to recreate this very special Cenote Ahumado pit oven,” Nunez said in a news release.

Cenote Ahumado is rested in oak barrels for more than two months to develop additional character, mellows in flavor, and blooms into a golden color. The black bottle design visually emphasizes the smoke-forward rich agave flavor inside the bottle. Atop the bottle is pina, an homage to the heart of the agave plant, complete with a copper clasp which makes opening the bottle a special experience. Fuentes and Master Blender Alejandro Garcia Páez created the taste profile.

Cenote Ahumado Tequila is available nationwide via select retailers at $75.99 for 750ml.

Part of Stoli Group, one of the world’s leading premium spirits businesses, Cenote Tequila also offers Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Cristalino, as well as other special innovations: Cenote Green Orange Tequila and Cenote Ahumado Tequila.

For more information, visit http://tequilacenote.com/.