Walsh Whiskey Releases Writers’ Tears Cask Strength

Irish Whiskey

March 14, 2023

Writers' Tears Cask Strength bottle and box

The 13th edition of the Writers’ Tears Cask Strength whiskey from Walsh Whiskey, a cask strength, has been released. This super-premium, cask strength whiskey is a unique marriage of triple-distilled, aged Single Pot Still and Single Malt Whiskey, natural non-chill filtered and aged in American Oak Bourbon barrels. The 2023 vintage is bottled at 54.8% ABV. Each bottle is individually numbered and carries the signature of Writers’ Tearscreator – Bernard Walsh.

The 2023 release is limited to 8,700 bottles. The prestige whiskey is for sale across selected markets worldwide, with 1,800 bottles destined for the USA and 6,900 bottles allocated to markets across the rest of the world, including Canada, Ireland, France, the UK, South Africa and Asia.

Stockists and distributors of Writers’ Tears internationally can be identified through the search function on the Walsh Whiskey website. The RRP is USD$160.

First created by Bernard Walsh in 2009, Writers’ Tears comprises a range of eight expressions of super-premium, triple-distilled Irish whiskeys. Inspired by the golden era of Irish whiskey, pot still distillation and its deep lasting bond with creative thinkers and artists, stemming from the literary greats that defined Irish culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The range includes four core (Copper Pot, Double Oak, Single Pot Still & Red Head) and four limited-edition expressions. Three of the limited-edition expressions in the range are under the Writers’ Tears Copper Pot line and feature rare cask finishes – Ice Wine, Marsala and Mizunara. The fourth limited-edition expression is a Cask Strength vintage, produced annually.

Established in 1999, Walsh Whiskey is a producer of super-premium and prestige, triple-distilled, Irish whiskeys. Its critically acclaimed whiskeys are dedicated to celebrating the Single Pot Still (Writers’ Tears) and Single Malt (The Irishman) styles of whiskey. To date, this comprises 23 expressions based on historic recipes from the 19th century, Irish whiskey’s golden age, and a range of rare finishes including Mizunara, Florio Marsala, Rum, Cognac, Coffee Stout, Seaweed IPA, Icewine and of course Oloroso and PX Sherries. The company is based in Carlow, Southwest of Dublin, Ireland.

For More Information, visit https://www.walshwhiskey.com/2103/writers-tears-cask-strength-2023/.