Quincy Street Distillery Releases 7-Year Laughton Bros. BiB


April 21, 2023

Laughton Bros Bottled in Bond 7 Year square

Quincy Street Distillery announced the release of the 7-year-old version of Laughton Bros. Illinois Bottled-in-Bond straight bourbon whiskey. This release is the newest, yet oldest, version of the distillery’s artisanal straight bourbon whiskey, Laughton Bros. Initially, the whiskey will only be available at the distillery Retail Shop.

This 7-year-old version of Laughton Bros. Illinois straight bourbon  is made using a mashbill of 84% corn and the balance malted barley and rye. This version of Laughton Bros. was aged in a full-size (53 gallon) new medium-char oak barrel for seven years and bottled at 100 proof. This is Quincy Street Distillery’s oldest bourbon released to date.

Laughton Bros. is a series of single barrel straight bourbons made from the same mashbill, but aged in various ways. Laughton Bros. is also available as a 4-year-old Bottled-in Bond, as a 4-year-old small cask straight, as 3-year-old straight at 91 proof, as a 2-year-old straight in the following bottlings: at 91 proof, at cask strength, and as a “distiller’s select 2-barrel blend” combining both a full-size and small barrel (other bottlings are single barrel).

Laughton Bros. is named after the two fur traders that established their trading post on the Des Plaines river just south of the Portage in the 1820s and ran the most popular tavern in the area not far from the distillery in the 1830s.

For more information, visit https://www.quincystreetdistillery.com/.