La Caza Tequila Makes its Debut in Texas


May 26, 2023

La Caza Tequila three bottles

Austin-based La Caza Tequila has formally debuted its three ultra-premium tequilas throughout the state of Texas including Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio and more.

The brand also rolled out a direct-to-consumer partnership with Thirstie that will allow 39 states to be able to purchase directly online from Within the next couple of months, La Caza Tequila will expand to Florida, Ohio and more.

La Caza Tequila began a decade ago with Austin-based founder Drake Screws and his curiosity to find the “perfect tequila.” Growing up spending weekends with family and friends where his dad would concoct his own version of a ranch water, this sparked a passion within Drake to create an authentic spirit.

Working in alcohol distribution while still in college, Drake began to simultaneously immerse himself in the education and culture of tequila making. He traveled to more than 60 distilleries in Jalisco and fell in love with the process of producing tequila, from harvesting the agave plant to bottling the final product. His passion led him to create La Caza Tequila.

“It feels surreal to finally introduce La Caza after so many years and what feels like a million miles traveled,” said Screws in a news release. “The process to this point was certainly filled with blood, sweat and tears as well as incredible memories made along the way, and that makes me the most proud to put our tequilas in the hands of those who we hope enjoy them as much as we do. None of this would be possible without the entire La Caza team and I have endless gratitude for them and of course, the Vivanco Family in Jalisco that helped bring this dream to life.”

The tequilas – Blanco (SRP $49.99), Reposado (SRP $57.99) and Añejo (SRP $75.99) – begin with all-natural Blue Weber Agave grown by fifth-generation farmers and are handpicked in the Highlands region of Jalisco. Distilled by the Vivanco Family, the tequilas are then cooked and fermented for nearly one hundred hours to the sound of classical music, and poured into hand-blown glass bottles. La Caza, which means “The Hunt” in Spanish, represents the adventurous spirit of its founders and inspires consumers to embark on their own journeys, whatever they may be.

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