‘Good One, Dad:’ Blue Run Releases Father’s Day Bourbons


June 1, 2023


With Father’s Day fast approaching, Blue Run Spirits announced Blue Run Double Oak Single Barrel Rye Whiskey, the company’s first whiskey finished in new, charred oak barrels. Featuring tasting notes from dads who are also whiskey fans, Blue Run Double Oak Single Barrel Rye Whiskey will be available starting at 3 pm Eastern on June 1, 2023 at www.bluerunspirits.com/shop and can be found at retail in Kentucky, California, Illinois, Florida and Michigan starting in July.

(This is no Dad joke, either. See the Dads’ tasting notes below.)

This special Father’s Day release, Blue Run Double Oak Single Barrel Rye Whiskey, is Blue Run’s first whiskey aged in two separate new American White Oak barrels – both with a #3 medium toast char level. The first barrel does the heavy lifting, aging the fine whiskey for the majority of its journey. But before bottling, the handcrafted whiskey is then put into another new barrel for a final finishing that lends extra sweetness from the newness of that char, matching perfectly with the spiciness of the concentrated rye flavors.

The whiskey is bottled from ten single barrels at barrel strength. Each of the ten separate releases in the collection ranges from 104.8 to 110.7 proof with no water added that might dilute the rich flavor.

Blue Run Double Oak Single Barrel Rye Whiskey features a gold-rimmed, individually laser-engraved wood finished-by-hand butterfly medallion on the bottle, making it easily identifiable to whiskey enthusiasts and collectors alike — and not a bad gift for Father’s Day. It is available for $199.99 SRP.

Details from the Dads:

Barrel: #68601

Dad: Ryan Mills

Instagram: @ThatOneDudeRyan

Bottle Number: 01F

Proof: 110.7

Nose: Candied berries, toffee, yellow cake, teak, dried cereal grain, fudge, and allspice.

Palate: Toffee, vanilla bean, coffee, sweet cream, candy cinnamon, and hay. The mouth is viscous, oily, and effervescent.

Finish: Long, coffee cake, dark chocolate, grassy, with black pepper.

Barrel: #68591

Dad: Mark Matthews

Instagram: @_markmatthews

Bottle Number: 02F

Proof: 108.1

Nose: Maple syrup, white pepper, grilled citrus, and green apple.

Palate: Toasted oak, toasted bread, cooked bananas, and black pepper.

Finish: Medium finish that’s both fruity and spicy.

Barrel: #68588

Dad: Derek Weaver

Instagram: @straight_lines_and_bourbon

Bottle Number: 03F

Proof: 108.8

Nose: Cherry, Carmel, leather.

Palate: Oaky, but not overpowering.

Finish: Smooth, gentle and lingering.

Barrel: #68590

Dads: Da Black and Brown Podcast

Instagram: @dablackandbrownpodcast

Bottle Number: 04F

Proof: 104.8

Nose: Toasted cinnamon with hints of dark fruit sweetness.

Palate: Brown sugar dominates followed by an echo of spice and the slightest hint of mint.

Finish: Craig Mack “Flavor in ya ear.”

Barrel #68589

Dad: Sung Kim​

Instagram: @mrkimbio​

Bottle Number: 05F​

Proof: 107.6​

​Nose: Cinnamon, red hot candy, orchard fruit, apple, Mexican hot chocolate, tart sweetness, and caramel ribbon ice cream.

Palate: Mild spice, green apple, vanilla bean extract, crème brûlée, mild oak.​

Finish: Medium to long with oak, mild spice, milk chocolate cocoa powder (so nice and pleasant!).

Barrel #68582

Dad: Louis Mills

Instagram: @bourbon_stillz_millz79

Bottle Number: 06F

Proof: 105.5

Nose: Very floral and fruity with hints of honey suckle. Strong caramel and vanilla followed by deep, sweet smoky oak accompanied by warm cinnamon rolls.

Palate: Citrus (orange and lemon) combines with an oaky, buttery-vanilla-cinnamon sensation followed by notions of crispy caramel char that doubles down on both sweetness and spice.

Finish: Sultry and smoky with charred orange, caramel and cinnamon.

Barrel: #68593

Dad: Will Ly

Instagram: @whisky_whiskey_chronicles

Bottle Number: 07F

Proof: 106.2

Nose: Plum, blackberry, caramel, rich oak, vanilla, and the essence of mint.

Palate: Minty refreshment, lightly sweetened raspberry/strawberry jam, candied orange peel.

Finish: Medium-long minty tingle; gentle dryness.

Barrel: #68594

Dad: Zach Johnston

Instagram: @ztpwhiskey

Bottle Number: 08F

Proof: 107.7

Nose: Bright dried red chili peppers mingle with soft leather, a twinge of toffee sweetness, soft red berries, and a whisper of umami.

Palate: Caramel and woody vanilla rush to a touch of cherry bark and ABV warmth next to creamy winter spice and a hint of sharp red chili heat.

Finish: The end is a long and warm hug with a sense of dried brown spices with a hot edge, mild nuttiness, and a foundation of buttercream cut with sassafras chips.

Barrel #68592

Dad: John Edwards

Instagram: @dadsdrinkingbourbon​

Bottle Number: 09F​

Proof: 108.2​

​This is big and bold! The nose is thick and long with rye spices. You can tell it has a lot of flavor to it…when you sniff it you know it’s going to be a BIG pour. The mouth feel is complete with a heavy tingle and it gives you the biggest hug ever. It’s earthy and green, like being in a field of wildflowers.

Barrel # 68586

Dad: Adam Cherne​

Instagram: @eatsimbibeandlife​

Bottle Number: 10F​

Proof: 107.5​

​Nose: Aged oak, leather, soft dill and gobs of brown sugar.​

Palate: Cinnamon and baking spices combine with, cherry and charred oak.​

Finish: Warm baking spices

Find Blue Run Spirits at retail and online at www.bluerunspirits.com.