Never Say Die Bourbon Releases Small Batch Expression


June 6, 2023

Never Say Die bourbon bottle small batch

England’s own Kentucky Bourbon, Never Say Die has expanded its collection with a new Small Batch Bourbon.

Each batch will feature a unique and balanced blend of Never Say Die recipe barrels. It has been designed as an ‘every occasion Bourbon’ with a lower proof level (47.5% ABV) and mellowed spice from the high rye grain content. It is complex enough for sipping, whilst also holding up in highballs and cocktails.

There will be just 2,750 bottles per small-batch, with four initial batches planned for 2023, available in the UK and US. Never Say Die is a traditional Kentucky Bourbon made with a mash bill of 64% corn, 24% rye and 12% malted barley, resulting in flavors of spice and citrus that melts into vanilla, leather and caramel.

It is the second expression from the brand that launched last autumn with its ‘world-first’ Kentucky Bourbon that is both ocean-aged and then further matured in England, at Derbyshire’s White Peak Distillery. It is this unique journey that not only results in a wholly unique flavor profile, but also leads to greater variance between each small-batch due to factors such as the timing of the ocean voyage and the resting spot at White Peak.

“The small batch is an approachable blend of our most interesting barrels, that have been selected to compliment one another to create a balanced and versatile Bourbon,” Never Say Die Co-founder Martha Dalton said in a news release. “As the first Kentucky straight Bourbon to be both ocean-aged and then matured in the UK, Never Say Die is exposed to three entirely different climatic conditions and it is this unique journey that we believe gives Never Die its distinct flavor profile. The salinity of the air along with the rapid temperature changes of the ocean voyage accelerate and alter the barrel ageing process. Beyond that, it is undeniable that the char and oak from the barrel is agitated upon the “sloshing” from the maritime journey, thus imparting more flavor and color to the whiskey.”

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