Eight Settlers Distillery Spirits Now Available Online


July 31, 2023

Eight Settlers Distillery logo

Eight Settlers Distillery, a craft distillery and restaurant located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, is excited to announce their award-winning craft spirits portfolio, including Ragtown American Whiskey, Devil’s Gate Bourbon, Butler Vodka and Green Ditch, are now available via e-commerce in the following non-controlled states: CT, NY, IL, MA, FL, CA and NJ. The distillery has further plans for expansion in the coming months.

“We are craft at heart and it’s truly an exciting opportunity for us to be able to showcase our exceptional spirits throughout the U.S.,” Katia Dugala, Co-Founder of Eight Settlers, said in a news release. “With growing consumer demand and interest in Eight Settlers, we’re confident consumers will not only love our products, but our unique story, as well.”

Founded in 2020 by Katia and Radu Dugala, Eight Settlers Distillery was inspired by the rich history of Cottonwood Heights, an area first settled in the 1800s by eight families. These families landed in what was originally known as Butlerville, Utah, nestled between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Amidst the Rock Mountains and lush green valley, the families cultivate the land that was rich in timber, water, farmland, minerals and granite rock. Over time, Butlerville became vital to the valley, and as the area flourished, it became Cottonwood Heights in 1952, the home of Eight Settlers.

The distillery is led by Head Distiller and Master Blender, Dylan Kalil, who works onsite using both traditional and modern style techniques to create products of the highest standard, using the best ingredients available.

Eight Settlers currently offers four staple products with additional seasonal releases. The portfolio includes:

Ragtown American Whiskey (SRP: $60) was inspired by Ragtown, a simple town with makeshift homes established between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons to provide miners with somewhere to stay during their long journeys between mines and the city. Blended and handcrafted locally, Ragtown American Whiskey is a unique blend of two robust and smooth straight Americans whiskeys.

Devil’s Gate Straight Bourbon Whiskey (SRP: $50.89) was inspired by Devil’s Gate, a narrow impassable section of rocky quartz that became the most influential rock formation on the pioneer trail. Its rugged terrain forced the eight families to enter the valley where Salt Lake City currently exists, which allowed for growth along the Wasatch front. Devil’s Gate Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged in oak barrels in small batches.

Butler Vodka (SRP: $28.99) was named after the five Butler families who settled the area originally known as Butlerville. It was best known for its paper mill that brought prosperity and notoriety to the town. The families also cultivated the land, bringing vital resources to the valley, and attracting new settlers to the land. Made in small batches, Butler Vodka is triple-distilled.

Green Ditch Gin ($42) received its name from the ditches that helped the Butler area flourish, bringing water to crops, livestock and homes. Green Ditch pays tributes to the hard-working families who settled the area and their tenacity to create opportunities for growth and a strong community. Green Ditch Gin is made with seven carefully curated botanicals.

Consumers can now purchase the Eight Settlers range in select retail shops throughout Utah and through https://eightsettlersdistillery.com/shop/ in the following controlled states: CT, NY, IL, MA, FL, CA and NJ.