The Glenlivet Introduces New Twist & Mix Cocktails


August 7, 2023

The Glenlivet Twist & amp; Mix Cocktails

The Glenlivet Speyside single malt scotch whisky introduced The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails, a new line of premium, ready-to-serve, whisky-based cocktails.

The products are designed so that consumers can simply twist the cap to mix a blend of cocktail flavorings into The Glenlivet single malt to instantly create a freshly-mixed cocktail. The newest offering from the single malt scotch whisky brand provides a premium experience without the hassle of leftover ingredients, complex recipes and bar equipment.

The collection is debuting with the Old Fashioned and New Manhattan, bringing two of the most popular whisky cocktails served in restaurants to consumers’ homes and offering convenience without sacrificing quality. Maintaining the flavor profiles of the classics, the silky taste of the Old Fashioned is achieved with the tasting notes of orange, nutmeg and cinnamon, while the New Manhattan is a testament to the classic, featuring notes of cherry and ginger.

The popular cocktails are ready-to-serve with three simple steps: twist the cap, watch it mix, and pour over ice to share and enjoy.

As consumers continue to seek high quality, fresh tasting cocktails at-home, The Glenlivet seeks to provide the modern whisky drinker with a premium at-home offering so they can enjoy the whisky cocktails they love more often. The innovative twist cap in The Glenlivet Twist & Mix uses Vessl’s patented closure and delivery technology. The offering is housed in sleek and bold packaging designed by JDO.

“We are impressed how The Glenlivet has adopted the Vessl technology to create high quality, freshly mixed ultra-premium craft cocktails at home with no mess and no effort,” said Walter D. Apodaca, Jr., Founder and CEO, Vessl, Inc. “This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking use of our technology that we envisioned, and tastes even better than we imagined.”

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