Brugal Unveils Colección Visionaria Rum Collection


August 14, 2023

Brugal Colección Visionaria Edición 01, Cacao rum

Rum brand Brugal unveiled the first edition of a new limited-edition sipping rum collection, Colección Visionaria. Crafted using what it calls the world’s first Aromatic Cask Toasting technique, Colección Visionaria was developed by Brugal family member and fifth generation Maestra Ronera, Jassil Villanueva Quintana.

Brugal rums are 100% Dominican. The distillers selected natural ingredients from their homeland, the Dominican Republic, to craft the this rum. For this first edition of Colección Visionaria, Brugal hand-selected one of the island’s most cherished treasures, cacao beans, and infused the toasted casks with their distinct nutty, velvety and fruity aromas.

At $100 USD per bottle, only four batches of the rare expression 45% ABV rum will be distilled and sold worldwide.

The collection, crafted by the fifth generation of family distillers, embodies Brugal’s spirit and more than 135 years of wood and cask experience. Each generation of Brugal family Maestros has played an essential role in carrying out the brand’s legacy and passion for rum-making. Just like her predecessors, Villanueva Quintana has dedicated herself to uncovering a new wave of rum making with Brugal’s cask toasting technique used to craft Colección Visionaria.

Completely unique to Brugal, the toasting process begins with the selection of the finest virgin European oak casks. Each cask is thoughtfully toasted with hand-picked Dominican cacao beans – infusing them with its organic, aromatic notes. The cacao beans are then removed before the rum is added into the toasted casks, saturating the liquid with the aromas created by the toasting process before they are aged under the Dominican sun. This new technique adds a layer of depth and complexity to the liquid without the cacao beans ever touching the rum directly.

Each batch of the exclusive bottling is a true collector’s piece, handcrafted with care and presented in beautiful bottles wrapped in navy blue netting, an elevated version of Brugal’s iconic protective netting. Carefully sealed by hand and personally signed by Quintana herself, each bottle also displays the batch number on the label.

Colección Visionaria Edición 01, Cacao is the first limited-edition release across the Colección Visionaria collection and will be available at select retailers across the U.S. For more information on Brugal, the home of rum mastery in the Dominican Republic, visit