Triple Dog Irish Whiskey Expanding Distribution


August 14, 2023

Triple Dog Irish whiskey bottle

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey announced it is expanding distribution in California, Colorado, and Texas.

“We’re incredibly happy with the reception that Triple Dog Irish Whiskey has received since we released it less than a year ago,” Daniel Patrick O’Shevlin, master blender and co-founder of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, said in a news release. “It’s become the go-to Irish Whiskey for many people. The fast-paced sales have encouraged us to expand distribution significantly in California and Texas, and we’re introducing Triple Dog now in Colorado.”

According to Impact Databank, sales of Irish whiskey surpassed six million, nine-liter cases in the United States in 2022 to become the second fastest-growing imported spirit behind Tequila. Triple Dog is well-positioned for growth within the category. A product of Dundalk, Ireland, Triple Dog is a proprietary blend made with the finest malted and unmalted Irish grains, triple-distilled in copper pot and copper column stills. Each bottle contains a spirit aged four to five years in French oak casks.

To greatly expand its market presence in Texas, Triple Dog Irish Whiskey has entered into a distribution agreement with the third largest national brand spirits distributor in the state, Green Light Distribution. Green Light is adept at helping spirits brands grow market share and has significantly expanded its reach in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and throughout the rest of the state. Green Light is planning to continue to expand the number of stores that sell Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, including retail chains such as Goody Goody Liquor, Sigel’s Wine & Spirits, Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, Total Wine & More, as well as numerous independent liquor stores such as 377 Liquor, 9 Mile Liquor, Bar & Garden, Bowie Liquor, Bridgeport Discount Liquors, Cedar Liquor, Deano’s Discount Liquor, Dot’s Liquor, Firewater Liquor, King Liquor, Memorial Liquor, Sonny’s Liquor, Tompson Liquor, and The Austin Shaker.

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is also aggressively expanding its availability in California with distribution through American Spirits Exchange and is now available in select Total Wine & More locations, as well as preferred independent retailers throughout the state such as Emilio’s Beverage Warehouse, Hi-time Wine Cellars, Mega Liquor Warehouse, Combie Deli & Spirits, Easy General Store, Liquor Locker, Pearl Market, Ramirez Liquor, Sherman Market, Station House, and Wine & Liquor Depot.

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