Wolves Releases Limited, 11-Year-Old Lot Two


August 16, 2023

Wolves Lot Two American Single Malt bottle

Wolves, the luxury whiskey brand founded by James Bond (Undefeated) and Jon Buscemi (Buscemi, Truff), announced that a limited allocation of Lot Two, the second American Single Malt release under the brand’s Malted Barley Series banner, will drop at wolveswhiskeyca.com, Thursday, August 31.

Lot Two, an 11-year-old American Single Malt, was distilled and barreled in 2012 by 13th generation distiller Marko Karakasevic using imported Irish malts with a California Ale and bottled at a robust, though deceptively approachable 110-proof (55% ABV).

During the distillation process, Karakasevic lived an almost hermetic existence deep in the Yokayo Valley of Mendocino County, California, sequestering himself 10 days at a time alongside his imported Alembic pot still in the fanatical pursuit of perfection.

Fast becoming a signature of Wolves American Single Malt whiskeys, each bottle of Lot Two is wrapped by hand in a supple, bespoke Italian sheepskin label dyed a rich, matte black, a finish that is incredibly hard to achieve due to the texture of the hide. The skins are painstakingly individually die-cut into label form, before being printed with UV light, hand-numbered, embossed, and laid one-by-one on the custom-made French-cut glass that required four months just to achieve the perfect color.

The process of hand-labeling alone took four weeks to complete and further illustrates the attention to detail lavished on every bottle of Wolves Whiskey.

An additional 335 6-packs of the Lot Two American Single Malt whiskey (MSRP $305) will be made available through select brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers. Unfortunately, this limited release will not be available in all 50 states.

And as Lot Two debuts, Karakasevic returns to the newly erected Wolves still, to the weeks-long distilling marathons and the intermittent sleep, before laying down the next small batches bold enough to become Wolves.

For more information, visit www.wolveswhiskeyca.com.