Rolling Fork Rum Releases Amburana Odyssey


September 20, 2023

Rolling Fork Rum Amburana Odyssey Bottle square

Rolling Fork Rum announced the launch of its first new small-batch rum since 2020. Amburana Odyssey is a blend of four 9- and 11-year-old rums from Barbados’ renowned Foursquare Distillery that was aged in responsibly harvested Brazilian Amburana oak casks.

Rolling Fork is well aware that spirits aged in Brazillian Amburana oak can be polarizing. However, as Rolling Fork Co-founder Jordan Morris said, “Some people love what Amburana brings to the party. … While some people are defiantly ‘anti-Amburana,’ others love spirits aged in Amburana, and we think this one turned out beautifully.”

To preserve the character of the rum, Rolling Fork aged it for six months in Amburana oak casks and then transferred it to hand-selected, low-char, heavy-toast bourbon and rye whiskey casks for additional aging. The resulting flavor profile is balanced and approachable, and bottled at 120.6 proof, (60.3% ABV).

Just 140 cases (6 packs) of Rolling Fork’s Amburana Odyssey rum will be available on and in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas in late September. SRP per 750ml bottle is $99.99.

Rolling Fork Spirits was founded by Turner Wathen and Jordan Morris in 2017; Rolling Fork is named after a distillery of the same name, which was established by Rolling Fork co-founder Turner Wathen’s ancestor in 1788.

The Rolling Fork portfolio includes two collections: Lost Cask Collection and Rolling Fork Series. SRPs range from $85 to $299 per 750ml bottle. Rolling Fork’s debut product was Fortuitous Union, a blend of rum and rye whiskey so-named for its accidental creation. The first rum they imported – an aged Trinidad rum – was meant to be aged in a series of rye, bourbon, port and sherry casks. At the facility, however, the rum was accidentally dumped into a tank that contained 5-year-old Indiana rye whiskey. That became the brand’s first product to market.

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