KOBBE Announces Rebrand and Shift in Mission


September 27, 2023

KOBBE Jamar Mack

KOBBE, Kentucky’s Original Black Bourbon Enthusiasts, announced a transformative rebrand and pivotal shift in its mission.

Established in 2017 by Jamar Mack with a strong commitment to community, KOBBE has evolved into a dynamic force for positive change. With an unwavering dedication to both bourbon and benevolence, KOBBE embarks on an exciting new chapter. Fall 2023 marks the official transition from KOBBE as a membership organization, as we know it, to a resolute focus on philanthropy and community impact. 

This restructuring opens the door to new and exciting endeavors, including the imminent announcement of a scholarship program. KOBBE’s journey, which began as a spirited community of bourbon enthusiasts, has now evolved into a robust charity organization. 

Embracing this new identity, KOBBE is now an official donor-advised fund, serving as a vital bridge between brands, the bourbon industry, and deserving causes and individuals. This reclassification underscores Mack’s and KOBBE’s commitment to making an impact on the lives of those in need, including a scholarship fund dedicated to giving opportunities to young people with a passion but who need financial assistance. KOBBE is restructuring membership but will take shape as an organization poised to make a lasting impact. 

At the helm of this transformation is Mack, supported by a new visionary board. Mack aims to curate events that are even more engaging, entertaining, and experiential. These gatherings will embody the spirit of the new KOBBE, uniting the love for bourbon with a commitment to making a positive impact. 

KOBBE’s dedication to inclusivity extends to creating opportunities for underrepresented communities and individuals. As part of its commitment, KOBBE has established a scholarship program focused on service aimed at providing access to education in the bourbon industry. This initiative will send individuals from diverse backgrounds to universities and trade schools, fostering growth and representation in spaces traditionally unexplored.