Old Forester Announces Second Annual King Ranch Release


October 2, 2023

Old Forester logo King Ranch

Old Forester and King Ranch, the birthplace of American Ranching, today released the second annual batch of their limited-edition whiskey – Old Forester King Ranch.

The bourbon pays homage to the hard work, ingenuity and lasting legacy of two iconic brands with 300 years of combined American history – the heritage of the Brown family of Brown-Forman and the lineage of King Ranch founder Richard King.

Available only in Texas starting October 1, 2023, Old Forester King Ranch Edition is bottled at 105 proof from a proprietary batch of Old Forester Bourbon using heavily charred barrels. The bourbon is finished through King Ranch mesquite charcoal. The charcoal was created from mesquite trees harvested from the ranch, and the process brings a touch of Texas and helps highlight the bold flavor notes in this new bourbon.

“We are proud of the continued partnership with Brown-Forman and the second offering of this product,” said Robert Hodgen, CEO of King Ranch. “Texans have found the whiskey a rare and special treat and have been anxiously anticipating this release after the first batch won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.”

“Bourbon lovers across Texas will sip the unique blend of flavors that live up to the legacy of our founder, George Garvin Brown, with quality and taste while honoring the impact King Ranch has had on the Lone Star State – and on American ranching,” Old Forester Master Taster Melissa Rift said. “The first batch, released in 2022, sold very quickly so we are honored to bring this bottle back to shelves in 2023.”

The suggested retail price for King Ranch is $89.99, and it will only be available in Texas.

King Ranch, Inc., is a privately held agribusiness, real estate and natural resource management company established in 1853 and owner of the historic 825,000-acre King Ranch. The Company has various farming and ranching activities across Texas, Florida and California and also operates the famous King Ranch Saddle Shop. To learn more about King Ranch, Inc., visit https://king-ranch.com/.