Frank August Announces Single Barrel, CASE STUDY Releases


October 23, 2023

Frank August Case Study 02_2 copy

Frank August announced the releases of its Cask Strength Single Barrel program, as well as the 2nd release of its CASE STUDY program.


For Single Barrel, the brand hand-selected 15 barrels of 6.1 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, with the assistance of two of the most respected master distillers and master blenders in the industry: Denny Potter (former Master Distiller of Makers Mark and Heaven Hill) and Jane Bowie (former Master Blender, Master of Maturation and creator of the acclaimed Makers Mark Private Select program).

The precedent for this approach was seen last year when Frank August launched its inaugural Single Barrel picks by tapping the wisdom of 116 years of combined master distilling and master blending experience that went into the hand selection of each barrel.

“We’ve had the unique opportunity and fortune over the last few years to meet and work with some incredible people through the bourbon industry,” brand co-founder and CEO Johnathan Crocker said in a news release, “and even more privileged to truly call some of them friends. At the top of that list are Jane and Denny. Their achievements within the industry are truly remarkable and speak for themselves. But as incredible as their talents are, who they are as humans is even more exceptional. So to have the opportunity to work with them in selecting our Single Barrel picks for our 2nd release, was genuinely an honor and privilege.”

The most notable difference in this year’s release is that each barrel selected has an additional full year of maturity, being bottled at 6.1 years, and ranging from 114.6–125.4 proof. SRP for Single Barrels are $129.99.


Frank August also released CASE STUDY: 02 | 1948 | XO PX BRANDY | CASK FINISHED. The 10 rare brandy casks that CASE STUDY: 02 were finished in, were first filled in 1992 with very old Pedro Ximenez for 17 years. They were then dumped and immediately refilled with extra old Pedro Ximenez from 1948 for an additional 13 years.

Before they made their way into the hands of Frank August in Kentucky. Still ‘wet’, they were immediately filled with hand selected barrels from Frank August’s exceptional library of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. From there, they were tasted every 30 days for an undisclosed amount of time until each barrel reached the ideal sensory and flavor profiles. The perennial project is an exploration of various finishing and blending techniques to create some of the most unique experimental expressions of bourbon whiskey in the world. The reception of

CASE STUDY culminated last June when its inaugural release, CASE STUDY: 01 | MIZUNARA | JAPANESE OAK was awarded a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and was a semi-finalist for Best Finished Whiskey of the Year. SRP for CASE STUDY: 02 is $169.99.