Knob Creek Releases 18 Year – With a Companion


October 23, 2023

Knob Creek 18 Year Old and Smithey Cast Iron Skillet

Knob Creek announced the return of its 18 Year bourbon, accompanied by a partnership with Smithey Ironware to include a companion cast iron skillet.

The skillet is seasoned 18 times, 15 times more than Smithey’s traditional skillets, creating a naturally non-stick cast iron with a rich, deep copper color and easy-to-clean finish.

Knob Creek transforms as it matures in its oak barrels and a cast iron’s performance improves as layers of seasoning builds with each use. Aged twice as long as its flagship bourbon, Knob Creek 18 Year Old is a complex yet balanced bourbon with full flavor.

For home cooks and bourbon aficionados, Knob Creek and Smithey Ironware worked with Brian Landry, Executive Chef The Kitchen Table, QED Hospitality, to create three unique recipes with the 18x seasoned cast iron skillet in mind. Each dish incorporates Knob Creek expressions as an integral ingredient and highlights the whiskey’s robust flavors, giving fans the opportunity to experience the ultimate sipping and savoring experience.

These recipes will be available with purchase of the Knob Creek x Smithey Cast Iron Skillet Set at

“Knob Creek fans appreciate the quality of intentional workmanship, and we’re excited to re-release our extra-aged Knob Creek 18 Year Old for a limited time,” said Seventh Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe. “The partnership between Knob Creek and Smithey Ironware came from the passion that both brands have for the details, whether it’s with cooking or in a fine glass of bourbon. “

The Knob Creek x Smithey 18x Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set is here just in time for the holidays. Starting on October 20, the set will be available in limited quantities at, for $300.00. Each set features the limited edition 12-inch 18x seasoned cast iron skillet, two custom Clayton & Crume leather coasters and Knob Creek-inspired recipes. Knob Creek 18 Year Old is also available in limited quantities at nationwide retailers with an SRP of $169.99 for a 750mL bottle.

Formore information about Knob Creek 18 Year Old and Knob Creek’s bourbon portfolio, visit