The Perfect Fifth Scotch Unveils New Whiskey Line, Oran


November 17, 2023

Perfect Fifth Oran Batch1-Boxandbottle

American independent Scotch Whisky bottler The Perfect Fifth is introducing a new line, Oran, a blended Scotch Whisky created by whisky expert Jim Murray, author of “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.” Murray has long served as a behind-the-scenes blender for many distilleries world-wide, but his partnership with The Perfect Fifth is his first public foray into an official blending role with a company, allowing his 40 years of sensory experience as a whisky taster, blender, and evaluator to shine in his new position.     

Murray designed Oran to be an “old school” blend recognizable to whisky lovers of the heyday of blended whisky some 100 years ago, Oran’s grain and malt components are created separately but ultimately combined as the perfect complement to one another. Oran, which means “song” in Gaelic, is a blend of fine grains and single malts, unveiling layers of flavor much like the musical layers in a melody.

“There is a temptation to disregard blended Scotch in this time of single malt, yet the blend of grain whisky and malt is a creation which offers myriad possibilities,” said Murray in a news release.  “The objective in the creation of Oran is to offer delicate complexity and finely tuned balance.” 

The first two releases, Blend No. 1 and Blend No. 2, are both 50-50-50 blends, 50 percent single malt Scotch Whisky, 50 percent single grain Scotch Whisky, and 50 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Both blends are limited releases, containing only 465 bottles each.

A total of 11 different casks were used to make both blends. Some of the casks were split between both blends but with differing ratios. Blend No. 1 is composed exclusively of Ex-Bourbon casks. Blend No. 2 distinguishes itself with the addition of a sherried cask component. 

Oran Blend No. 1 and Blend No. 2 are available in limited quantities at retailers in New York, New Jersey and California. It is also available online at  Suggested retail pricing is $189 per 700 mL.