Whiskey Christmas Gift Ideas (Since it’s That Time of Year)


November 24, 2023

Ardray bottle box Whiskey Christmas gift ideas list

By Kevin Gibson

It’s Black Friday. That time of year again, when we’re in the homestretch of the holiday gift-buying frenzy. Here are a few whiskey Christmas gift ideas to help out.

ARDRAY Blended Scotch Whisky

Developed by Beam Suntory’s Chief Blender for Scotch, Calum Fraser, and Suntory’s team of blenders from Japan, ARDRAY presents a fresh perspective on Scotch Whisky and a fine fit in our list of excellent whiskey Christmas gift ideas. It’s approachable and promises a rich and complex flavor, with a mild, gently floral, and citrusy fruitiness on the nose, followed by a vanilla custard creaminess and a rich, silky mouthfeel and lengthy finish. Nomnom. Bottled at 48% ABV, SRP $85.

Criquet Shirts and Chicken Cock Whiskey Bourbon Bundle

Chicken Cock Whiskey, bearing the brand name that makes adolescent boys giggle, has partnered with Austin, Texas-based apparel brand Criquet Shirts to debut the fourth and final limited edition collaboration in The Famous Old Brand’s Reserve Cask Program. The Players Bundle includes an exclusive Players Shirt polo from Criquet alongside the apparel retailer’s limited edition single-barrel bourbon pick from Chicken Cock Whiskey in a bottle collaboratively designed by the two brands. The bundle is $225.

KURVBALL Original Barbecue Whiskey

Have someone on your list who loves flavored whiskey? How about barbecue-flavored whiskey? Yes, barbecue. KURVBALL proclaims that it is “created by barbecue lovers for barbecue lovers,” and that it is the first barbecue-flavored whiskey on the market. “KURVBALL combines the savory, sweet, smoky heat of slow and low barbecue with good old fashioned American whiskey,” according to a news release on the product. Apparently, this new product found some success in test market releases in Wisconsin, Texas and Missouri. Maybe pair it with some potato salad.

Elvis Whiskey

Here’s a whiskey Christmas gift idea for the Elvis fan who can’t help falling in love with the idea of a bottle of whiskey in their stocking (yeah, sorry). Sourced and blended by a team of industry veterans and bottled in Tennessee, where Elvis began his career and called home, Elvis Whiskey offers two flagship products, a Tennessee Straight Whiskey ($49.99) and a Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey ($49.99). The brand also recently launched a peanut butter, banana and bacon-flavored whiskey “Midnight Snack” ($34.99) — because of course they did. Hey, you’re probably not going to find a bottle of King of Kentucky in a liquor store, so maybe just get a bottle of King of Rock ‘n’ Roll instead. Meanwhile, let’s all be dreaming of an amber Christmas.