Log Still Distillery Rebranding Campus


November 30, 2023

Log Still Distillery campus mash tuns

Kentucky-based Log Still Distillery announced a comprehensive rebranding of its distillery campus experience in Nelson County, combining a blend of modern facilities and a deep-rooted sense of home. Under the unified Log Still Distillery brand, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a distinctive mix of bourbon culture and hospitality in the heart of Kentucky.

“We’re driven by a passion for creating experiences that resonate deeply with our visitors,” Wally Dant, Log Still Distillery President and Distiller, said in a news release. “Our roots in Gethsemane and southern Nelson County imbue everything we do, shaping a unique destination that transcends the ordinary. As we unveil our rebranded campus, we want our visitors to see that we’re building a community, fostering memorable experiences, and offering a warm welcome that feels like returning to a familiar and cherished place.”

Log Still Distillery is built on old distillery land and reimagined to create a unique bourbon and family destination. With a rich history and an eye on the future, Log Still Distillery offers the following amenities:

  • The Amp at Log Still: A 2,300-seat outdoor amphitheater that has hosted top talents like Dwight Yoakam and Lady A, adding a musical element to bourbon country.
  • The Legacy: A 20,000-square-foot event space perfect for weddings or any occasion, blending elegance with the natural beauty of Kentucky.
  • Bed & Breakfast Homes: Cozy, authentic B&Bs embodying the charm of Kentucky living.
  • Private Train Depot: Available during special events, enjoy a unique train ride through the scenic countryside of Nelson County in partnership with Kentucky Railway Museum.
  • Nature Walk: A serene 12-acre fishing lake and walking paths offering a peaceful nature escape.

For more information, bookings, or to schedule a tour, visit www.logstilldistillery.com.