30-Year-Old Release Celebrates FUJI Whisky 50th Anniversary


December 5, 2023

Fuji 30-Year-Old logo

In celebration of Mt. Fuji Distillery’s 50th anniversary, FUJI Whisky announced the second of three releases of its 30-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey. Only 100 bottles of this whiskey will be available in the U.S. this fall.

“We are so excited to release the next 100 bottles [of only 200 remaining bottles] of our special 30-Year-Old Single Grain to the U.S. in honor of Mt. Fuji Distillery’s 50th Anniversary,” Master Blender Jota Tanaka said in a news release. “At FUJI Whisky, we are always challenging ourselves and improving our craft, and this expression is truly a gift from Mt. Fuji.” 

Tanaka was inducted into the World Whisky Awards Hall of Fame in 2022 and is only the second Master Blender in Mt. Fuji Distillery’s 50-year history.

The FUJI 30-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey is a blend of multiple maturates of Canadian-style grain whiskies aged more than 30 years, including some aged for up to 40 years. Distilled by batch distillation method using “kettle & column” still configurations and then rested in 100% first- and second-fill American White Oak bourbon barrels, the 30-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey holds a rich, luscious, beautifully balanced taste with ample complexity.

In addition to the 30-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey, Fuji Whisky will also release an exclusive, limited-edition 50th Anniversary Edition Single Malt Japanese Whisky in the spring of 2024. This commemorative expression includes malt from 1973, the inaugural year of operation, to the present, along with whiskies from each of the past five decades. This bottling will continue to elevate FUJI Whisky’s craftsmanship by blending Tanaka’s meticulous approach with a deep respect for Japanese terroir and heritage.

Established in 1973 to blend the best of Japanese craftsmanship with Scottish, American, and Canadian whisk(e)y-making methods, Mt. Fuji Distillery remains the only distillery in the world 50 years later that can make malt and grain Japanese whiskies in 4 global whisky styles.

The closest distillery to Mt. Fuji in all of Japan – just 7.5 miles from the mountain’s peak and separated only by pure forest – FUJI Whisky is one of the only whiskies in the world to use Mt. Fuji’s snowmelt in its whisky production, fostering a deep sense of place. Snowmelt from Mt. Fuji is scientifically proven to take approximately 50 years to reach the underground aquifer under Mt. Fuji Distillery, which means that the water used in these two special releases first fell as snow and rain on the peak of Mt. Fuji 50 years ago when the distillery was being built – an incredible 50-year journey.

The FUJI 30-Year-Old Whiskey is bottled at 92 proof and is available in California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Georgia, District of Columbia, New York, and Massachusetts at an SRP of $3000/700ml bottle.

For more information, https://fujiwhisky.com/.