Chattanooga Whiskey Launches The Vault Series


December 6, 2023

Chattanooga Whiskey The Vault Series bottles 2023

Chattanooga Whiskey announced a new annual limited-edition release: The Vault Series. Selected once a year and bottled in 375ml bottles, the Vault Series features ultra-limited whiskeys that are one-of-a-kind artifacts from Chattanooga Whiskey’s history.  

Selected annually by the distilling team, the collection of offshoot experiments, alternate concepts and rare single barrels is culled from their barrelhouse vault. These archived versions of bygone whiskeys are expressions of both nostalgia and discovery, each one offering a glimpse into the distilling team’s creative process. The series also gives fans an opportunity to rediscover favorite recipes and batches from years past.  

“Over the past six years, Chattanooga Whiskey has crafted over 100 unique whiskey concepts, and while many of these recipes are never repeated, The Vault Series is a chance for our distilling team to turn back time and revisit some of their favorites – this time through a different creative lens,” Grant McCracken, Founding Distiller, said in a news release.

The inaugural Vault Series releases include a trio of rare, 6-year-old single barrels, which showcase a few of Chattanooga Whiskey’s earliest High Malt recipes, including Batch 001, Batch 007, and Barrel 91.  

“For the inaugural release of our Vault Series, we thought it’d be fun to dig out a few of our oldest recipes and barrels – from both of our distilleries,” Tiana Saul, Head Distiller at Chattanooga Whiskey, said. “The first & second barrels both pay homage to our classic “Barrel 91” recipe and highlight the flavor differences between our pot vs. column distillation processes. The third single barrel is arguably our team’s first ‘whoops- moment – where we mistakenly combined High Malt Bourbon with Rye Malt Whiskey into the same barrel. Thankfully though, some mistakes can be serendipitous, and this one produced one of the most unique whiskeys our team has ever tasted.”

Bottled at barrel proof in 375ml bottles, The Vault Series will be available exclusively at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery for $46.99 per bottle while supplies last. 

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