Chattanooga Whiskey Releases Batch 036: Herbal Infused


January 18, 2024

Chattanooga Whiskey Batch 036: Herbal Infused Hero

Chattanooga Whiskey announced the newest release in its Experimental Single Batch Series: Batch 036: Herbal Infused.  

Inspired by the traditional kräuterlikörs of Germany, this experimental bourbon liqueur combines a German-malt-laden mashbill with an infusion of über-traditional botanicals, including star anise, ginseng, bilberry, and sarsaparilla.  

“Since it began in 2017, our Experimental Series has been something of a playground for our distilling team – allowing them to explore traditional and lesser known spirit styles from around the world,” Grant McCracken, Chief Product Officer, said in a news release. “Batch 036: Herbal Infused explores a very underappreciated German style of liqueur and reimagines it through our Tennessee High Malt lens. The result beautifully balances both tradition and experimentation, taking a world class style to another level.” 

As with their previous liqueurs, Batch 036 was crafted from a base of the company’s trademarked Tennessee High Malt Whiskey – which in this case contained a variety of German specialty malts, including pale wheat malt  and chocolate malt – infused with 100% real botanical ingredients. After aging in single use bourbon barrels for an entire year, dark candi syrup was blended into the spirit before being bottled in a green bottle, symbolic of the  German herbal liqueur style.  

“Every one of our liqueurs uses 100% real whiskey and real ingredients, but Herbal Infused takes this approach to another level – infusing 14 different botanicals in multiple “waves,” each one for different periods of time. This approach pulls the best characteristics from every ingredient – carefully layering each botanical flavor on top of the next.” – Grant McCracken, Chief Product Officer. 

Batch 036: Herbal Infused will be available at the Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery at $49.99 for a 750ml bottle, and available online for shipping to select states on It is bottled at 81 proof.  

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