Westland Distillery Releases Peated Solum Edition 2


February 2, 2024

Westland Distillery Edition 2 hero

Westland Distillery continues its exploration of American peat with the release of the second edition of Solum American Single Malt Whiskey, which releases this month throughout the U.S.

In its mission to showcase “a sense of place,” Westland Distillery’s Solum is the third expression in the Outpost Range, annual releases of limited-edition expressions that showcase oak (Garryana), grain (Colere) and peat (Solum), each unique to its Pacific Northwest homeland.

Solum Edition 2 features 100% Washington Peated malt, matured in a combination of new and used oak casks to create a robust glass while still showcasing the smoke undertones. The exploration and exhibition of Pacific Northwest Peat in application to Washington-grown barley presents itself in the glass with notes of herbs and savory spice thanks to its unique organic composition and flavor.

“Solum is a nod to tradition with an eye to the future,” Shane Armstrong, Westland’s Master Blender, said in a news release. “Edition 2 has a very similar structure to the inaugural release except for maturation time. This will be the case for the next few years, which is an interesting way to experience the impact of age. For this lap around the sun, the fresh fruit notes have been supplanted by a complex array of herbs.

Harvested from a bog approximately two hours south of Seattle, Westland departed from traditional methods of peat harvest, retrieving the peat from below the bog’s waterline rather than first draining and excavating the bog.

This harvesting process was specifically designed to preserve the bog’s ecosystem, preventing the release of greenhouse gasses and ensuring that the bog will be able to continue producing peat into the future – a testament to Westland’s devotion to sustainability.

“Solum contains the most obvious connection to our Pacific Northwest region, while drawing a direct line to the lineage of single malt whiskey making,” Armstrong said. “So far, the flavors trend toward the earthier end of peat, moss and sage, with lighter charred wood notes. This character contrasts the medicinal and overt wood smoke found in other peated whiskies.”

In comparison to the first edition of Solum, Edition 2 is aged a year longer in cask.
Solum Edition 2 is bottled at 100 proof and carries an SRP of $149.99. Westland released 5,212 bottles globally.

CASK TYPES: 20 Casks: 4 years 165 days – (5) Casks 6 years, (15) Casks 4 years

  • 4 yr. 1st Fill Bourbon 43%
  • 6 yr. 1st Fill New American Oak: Cooper’s Reserve 24%
  • 4 yr. 1st Fill New American Oak: Cooper’s Reserve 19%
  • 4 yr. 1st Fill New American Oak: Cooper’s Select 14%

For information about Westland, please visit www.westlanddistillery.com.