The Perfect Fifth to Release 14-Year American Whiskey


March 7, 2024

Perfect Fifth Canongate 14 Year bottle with box

The Perfect Fifth, an American independent Scotch Whisky bottler known for its rare single cask Scotch Whiskies, announced the release of a 14-year-old American Whiskey with roots in Kentucky under its Canongate line. 

Distilled in Bardstown, Ky in 2009, this whiskey spent three years aging in Kentucky before being sent to Scotland to age another 11 years. 

The unique blend of Kentucky’s tempestuous weather, combined with Scotland’s more temperate climate, has resulted in a whiskey with a complexity of mixed honey tones, multiple layers of vanilla, and hints of cocoa and light spice.

“Distillers in the United States, in particular, Kentucky, have always had a harmonious relationship with Scotland, largely due to sending used bourbon barrels to Scotland for a second life, to mature spirits distilled in Scotland,” Karl Schoen, founder and chief executive officer, The Perfect Fifth, said. “Our Canongate expression, which is our ‘born and bottled’ line, is an ode to that symbiotic relationship.

“This series celebrates the long history of cask sharing between the two countries by selecting single cask whiskies distilled in the U.S., and aging and bottling them in Scotland. Our latest release, the Canongate 14-Year-Old American Whiskey is not only well-traveled but is a unique combination of the environments of Kentucky and Scotland.”

The 14-Year-Old Canongate joins two other Canongate releases: a Canongate 11-Year-Old American Whiskey, which was a sister barrel to this current release and released in 2020, as well as Canongate Glentauchers 24-Year-Old Scotch Whisky released in 2018.

Canongate 14-Year-Old American Whiskey is a limited edition with only 232 bottles available in the United States. It can be found at retailers in New York, New Jersey and California or online at The alcohol by volume (ABV) is 64.4 percent, (128.8 proof). Suggested retail pricing is $175 per 750 mL. 

About The Perfect Fifth

Schoen was inspired by watching his family members toast milestones with Scotch Whisky as he grew up. As he began his own exploration into the world of Scotch Whisky, he enjoyed finding stellar single cask bottlings and sharing them with others. This led to the formation of The Perfect Fifth, where Schoen and his brother Ben source the best quality whisky from all over Scotland. Together they travel throughout Scotland, sampling cask after cask. Few casks make the cut, which is why The Perfect Fifth releases are limited editions.