Staghorn Names Hopmayer to Advisory Board


April 9, 2024

Staghorn jeff hopmayer brindiamo group-founder

Atlanta-based Staghorn has appointed Brindiamo Group founder Jeff Hopmayer to serve on the advisory board for its premium spirits business, including the recently unveiled Garrard County Distilling Co., the largest all-new independent distillery in Kentucky. Having begun operations in January, Garrard County Distilling Co. just filled its 10,000th barrel of fine whiskey.

Hopmayer’s reputation is widely recognized for excellence and innovation within the beverage alcohol industry. With his expert guidance, Brindiamo Group has risen to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of bulk bourbon and whiskey. His strategic insights and extensive industry connections have been key in expanding Brindiamo’s operations through strategic services, asset management, ownership of whiskey barrels, barrel supply, and storage facilities (rickhouses) across the United States and Europe.

“Jeff and I have been friends for years and as I was building the team that would support my vision for Staghorn, I knew immediately that he needed to be involved,” Ray Franklin, Founder of Staghorn, said in a news release. “Jeff has a keen ability to not only see potential, but to know the fastest, most beneficial way to capitalize on it. His relationships in the industry are second to none.”

“Staghorn is approaching their business with a defined purpose: to craft the finest whiskeys and spirits in the world at a scale to make an immediate impact in the market,” said Hopmayer. “I look forward to working with the team to fully leverage what they have already achieved to help shape an even more prosperous future.”

Hopmayer’s counsel on Staghorn’s advisory board will immediately benefit the operation and expansion of the Garrard County Distilling Co. operation in Lancaster, KY, which is home to a state-of-the-art distillery capable of producing 8.5 million proof gallons or 150,000 barrels of whiskey a year. The distillery now has more than 27,000 barrels of whiskey aging onsite – 10,000 produced at the distillery since it opened three months ago, in addition to 17,000 previously sourced barrels.

Located 30 minutes south of Lexington, the 210-acre Garrard County Distilling Co. site includes the 50,000+ sq ft distillery, as well as two 20,000 sq ft rickhouses, with plans for a total of 24 aging warehouses by 2030, each holding nearly 25,000 barrels. Garrard County Distilling Co. provides third-party contract distilling services, in addition to crafting whiskey for its own brand, All Nations, which is currently available in Kentucky and Georgia, with new products and broad nationwide distribution planned for 2024.

Hopmayer has also played a key role in whiskey education and community involvement, notably through initiatives like the Brindiamo Penthouse in Bardstown, KY, and the World Whiskies Awards. Brindiamo’s whiskey clients reads like a who’s-who of the leading whiskey brands throughout the U.S. and around the world.