Mine Hill Distillery Brings in Chris Meloni for Endorsement


May 29, 2024

Actor Chris Meloni Mine Hill Distillery

Mine Hill Distillery, a historic 19th century landmark destination and craft spirit maker, has teamed up with actor Chris Meloni on a commercial. The campaign spotlights Mine Hill’s national expansion and the brand’s commitment to excellence in gin and bourbon. In the series of playful ads, Meloni highlights the unique attributes that make Connecticut gin and bourbon truly world-class.

Made from hometown grains, local spring water, and with a meticulous attention to detail, Meloni strongly endorses Mine Hill’s gin saying.

“It is the best gin in the state; the best gin in any state, and it’s what you should be drinking, if you can get it,” the actor, best known for his roles in the “Law & Order” television series, and said in a news release.

In another playful video, Meloni humorously tells viewers that bourbon is the first thing they should think of when thinking of Connecticut, and he gives props to the “Constitution State” without whose Revolutionary War efforts Americans might still be speaking with a British accent. The new campaign is produced by The Strand Creative Group led by Creative Director, Chris Strand.

Purchased in 2023 by American author, craft spirits enthusiast and historian, Zachary Karabell, alongside a consortium of investors, Mine Hill Distillery is located in an 1860 cigar factory in the town of Roxbury, which was once at the center of the Industrial Revolution.

The distillery was established in 2018 and now produces Amaro, Gin, Bourbon, Rye and Vodka, with all locally sourced ingredients from the over three hundred & fifty year old Thrall family farm.

The brand is poised for national growth, with Karabell noting, “Our spirits are a unique blend of old Connecticut and new, and while the state may not yet be known as a hub of craft distilleries, we hope this campaign and, of course, the spirits themselves energize people to try what we have to offer.”

You can now order Mine Hill Distillery gin ($45.99) & bourbon ($55.99) nationwide on www.minehilldistillery.com.