Bunnahabhain Distillery Releases Two Limited Scotch Whiskies


June 10, 2024

Bunnahabhain 14 & 23 bottles and boxes

In celebration of Fèis Ìle, one of the largest whisky events in the world, Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay’s most northerly distillery, has announced two of their new limited-edition Scotch whiskies, will be released in the United States in early June. 

Specially created by veteran Distillery Manager Andrew Brown and Master Blender Julieann Fernandez, these new expressions include a 14-year-old Ruby Port Cask Finish and a 23-year-old Triple Sherry Wood Finish, both recent award winners in the 2024 International Spirits Challenge.

“Fèis Ìle is a true celebration of everything that makes Islay whisky so special; the community, the craftsmanship, and the heritage,” Brown, who recently marked 35 years at Bunnahabhain, said in a news release. “Every year we welcome visitors from around the globe to celebrate our distillery home during the festival. But we know not everyone can make the journey to Islay, so these special drams have been crafted to enjoy with us, wherever you are in the world.”

“This year, to keep the Fèis Ìle festivities going beyond the tastings and events at the distillery,” Fernandez said, “we are pleased to share the Ruby Port Cask and Triple Sherry Wood Finish releases—both which stay true to Bunnahabhain’s renowned sherried style—with those in the United States.” 

Whisky fans who traveled from around the globe to attend Fèis Ìle (Islay Whisky Festival) last week, were the first to taste these new expressions from Bunnahabhain Distillery. For whiskey enthusiasts in the United States unable to make the pilgrimage to the whisky coast of west Scotland, they will soon be able to purchase these expressions online at ReserveBar.com and in select U.S. markets.

Fèis Ìle 2024: 14-year-old Ruby Port Cask

(58.7% ALC/VOL, 117.4 Proof, 700 ML) – MSRP $213.99

Bunnahabhain is renowned for unpeated, classically sherried single malts, and this limited-edition release represents the distillery house style, but with a twist for Fèis Ìle 2024. Bottled at a robust 58.7%, the 14-year-old Ruby Port Cask release, shares similar characteristics to sherry

Fèis Ìle 2024: 23-year-old Triple Sherry Wood Finish

(53.3% ALC/VOL, 106.6 Proof, 700 ML) – MSRP $713.99

This cask-strength release unites the very best sherry finishes synonymous with Bunnahabhain. Distilled in 1999, the spirit was then transferred into a trio of sherry casks: Amontillado, Manzanilla, and Oloroso.

For more information on this brand, visit bunnahabhain.com.