Old Forester Releases 117 Series Rum Finish


July 10, 2024

Old Forester Series 117 Rum Finish

Old Forester announced the release of its latest expression in the 117 Series: Rum Finish.

Historically, commercial trade on the Ohio River brought a variety of cask-aged spirits to the wharf behind Old Forester Distillery on Whiskey Row. This expression features the finishing of Old Forester in barrels that have matured rum for a minimum of four years, bringing notes of rich tropical fruit, coconut, and custard to the profile.

Rum Finish is bottled at 95-proof in a 375 mL bottle. 

“By finishing our signature bourbon for approximately six months in these rum barrels, we have complimented and accentuated the sweet aromatics of Old Forester with hints of brown sugar and molasses, emboldening its rich character,” Old Forester Assistant Master Distiller Caleb Trigo said in a news release. “Rum Finish provides a sweet addition to the series that whiskey aficionados – and rum drinkers – will love.”

Rum Finish marks the latest expression in the 117 Series, which launched in 2021.

Old Forester 117 Series: Rum Finish is available starting today at the retail shop at Old Forester Distillery Co. and will be available for shipping (to D.C., KY, NE, NH, ND only) in our online store at shop.oldforester.com in a two-bottle set. The suggested retail price for the 375 ml bottle is $64.99 and the suggested retail price for the two-bottle set is $129.98.

The product is also available at select Kentucky retailers.

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Old Forester is Brown-Forman’s founding brand, founded in 1870 by George Garvin Brown. Brown believed Old Forester was so pure and consistent that he sealed it, signed it, and pledged, “There is nothing better in the market.”