Music Festivals

Fred Minnick works with Danny Wimmer Presents to curate the Kentucky festivals Hometown Rising and Bourbon & Beyond, which draw topnotch musical talent such as Eddie Vedder, Luke Bryan, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Keith Urban and more. Minnick is the founding bourbon curator and co-creator of Bourbon & Beyond. For both festivals, Minnick develops the bourbon / culinary programming and moderates panels with industry icons, celebrity chefs and sips bourbon on camera with musical artists. His festival involvement caught the attention of Forbes, who wondered how a Louisville boy landed such a cool gig.

At the 2018 Bourbon & Beyond, Fred Minnick, left, moderates a panel with the late Dave Pickerell, middle, and several other bourbon luminaries. Pictured right is Kenny Coleman of Bourbon Pursuit.
In the Bourbon & Beyond workshops, Minnick shows the culture, history and passion for bourbon. It’s become his hallmark event and stage to promote bourbon education.
The Bourbon & Beyond workshop stage of 2018.
In addition to curating Bourbon & Beyond, Fred Minnick has his own mini bar, where craft distiller bourbons are served.