George Dickel Master Distiller Leaves Diageo

Long-time George Dickel master distiller John Lunn is leaving Diageo, according to sources within the world’s largest spirits company.  Below is the internal Diageo announcement regarding his departure.  He also managed Stitzel-Weller. It’s unknown his next venture.

As you may have heard, John Lunn, Site Director Southern Hub and Master Distiller, will be leaving Diageo and has accepted an exciting opportunity outside the company.  His last day will be March 13th.

While I am extremely sorry to lose John, I am happy for him as he moves on to his next endeavor.  He has been a great asset to us at George Dickel and Stitzel-Weller and a good friend to many of us.

I appreciate his many contributions over the last 11 years, especially the delivery of the bottling line, new pallet warehouse and barrel program at George Dickel and, more recently, the new bottling line at Stitzel-Weller.

We are finalizing interim leadership plans for the Southern Hub and will announce them in the next couple of weeks.

We have already begun the process of finding a replacement for John and this will be subject of a future announcement.

In the meantime, I have full confidence in the ability of the existing teams at both George Dickel and Stitzel-Weller during this transition.



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3 Replies to “George Dickel Master Distiller Leaves Diageo”

  1. You note is next venture is “unknown” but the memo seems to suggest that Diageo knows what the “exciting opportunity outside the company” is. Time to squeeze that source again!

    Does seem a bit abrupt and sudden. But who knows with Diageo.

  2. You reported that this is from an “internal” announcement. So, a senior manager who is well-known outside the company as well as within and who has skills few can duplicate did not merit a public announcement about his leaving in less than a week. I’ve seen interns get comparable sendoffs but would expect a senior officer to get something more. And I say nothing about the apparent absence of “succession planning” at this level. I look forward to what you ferret out on this.

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